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Dementia Carer Voices is a Scottish Government funded project to 2016 to engage with Health and Social Care professionals and students to promote a fuller understanding of the carer journey, provide a platform where carers can express their views and experiences of caring for a loved one with dementia and to harness the awareness raising activity undertaken by Tommy Whitelaw. 

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The Project:

  • Captures the experiences of carers across Scotland with a view to informing future policy and service provision
  • Raises awareness of the issues around caring for someone with dementia including among health and social care professionals, students and the wider public
  • Highlights the role of carers as natural resources; carers as people with needs; carers as people with independent lives
  • Empowers carers by providing information based on the Charter of Rights and Carers Strategy about caring for someone with dementia

Most recent project resources:

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Meet the team:



From left to right: Laura McCulloch,Tommy Whitelaw, Irene Oldfather, Sarah McDermott

Programme Director

Project Engagement Lead

Policy & Information Assistant


Telephone – 0141 404 0233

Upcoming events:

  • 17th,24th,30th,31st Darlington hospital 
  • 22.07.15  Canterbury University
  • 27.07.15  Speaking  in Arran
  • 28.07.15  Nursing workshop Hatfield
Dementia Carer Voices engages with Health and Social Care professionals to highlight the importance of a person-centred approach to dementia care, with carers as equal partners. If you would like to organise an event for your staff or colleagues, please contact

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