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 Getting to Know GIRFEC Film Series


Getting to Know GIRFEC

This unique five part film series aims to explain Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) and what it means for children and young people in Scotland.

Using British Sign Language (BSL) as the primary language with speech overlay and subtitles, this project aims to be accessible to as many children and young people as possible.

Part 1 - This first video gives a brief overview of GIRFEC and visits 'Maggies Story' - a short story which demonstrates how GIRFEC works in real life.

Part 2 - This video discusses wellbeing as defined by the Scottish Government in the Children and Young People Act 2014.  

The young people in the clip discuss the eight indicators of wellbeing, what each of these mean and how these can be used to assess a child's wellbeing.


Part 3 - The third clip of the series talks about the 'Named Person.'  

The young people discuss who the Named Person is, who they might be for them, what their role is and how they can get help from their Named Person.


Part 4 - The fourth clip in the series follows the young people talking about the Lead Professional, who they might be and what their role is.


Part 5 - The fifth video in the series looks at the Child's Plan, including describing what the Child's Plan is and how it will be used to support children and young people in Scotland.

You can access our other resources via the Getting to Know GIRFEC Project Page.