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Emphasising Humanity over Bureaucracy in Social Care

26/06/2017 at 01:00pm

'We need to emphasise the humanity and human rights of the people accessing and providing support and services, to create relationships that enable people to flourish'

This interactive event aims to explore what emphasising humanity looks like in practice, not just for those recieving care but for the care workers too. What would emphasising humanity look like if we focused on the human rights of everyone in the system? 

In this seminar we will hear from: 

Belinda Dewar, Professor of Practice Improvement at the University of the West of Scotland who will talk about her improvement role including My Home Life and the academic background to this agenda. 

Helen Sanderson who leads international teams working for social change, dedicated to transforming organisations, communities and individuals' lives through person centred practices. Helen will explore what emphasising humanity looks like in practice. 

The session will then look at what identifying areas of where emphasising humanity already exists in Scotland and how we can share learning of different approaches and embed in practice. 

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Please find a copy of the agenda for this event here. 

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