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ALLIANCE publication explores the role of signposting in improving health and wellbeing

The ALLIANCE has published a new ‘thinkpiece’ document to highlight the potential of signposting and set out examples of how this approach is making a difference for people accessing support and services across Scotland.
Signposting Doc
Signposting is a term used to refer to linking people with non-medical sources of support and there is a growing body of evidence about the benefits of this approach within primary and secondary care, the third sector and beyond.    
Developing a Culture of Health’ sets out that being linked to the right support, in the right place at right time can change lives and improve outcomes at both individual and system levels, however these benefits are not yet fully realised across the nation.
The report calls for signposting to be regarded as part of a long term, whole system approach rather than a one off project, as initiatives can only be sustained if they are co-produced with local people and groups and integrated with hubs such as local public services, general practices, libraries, voluntary and third sector groups.
However, while signposting is in itself simple, it doesn’t just happen on its own. It requires an awareness of the value of the approach, skills in finding, understanding and using information (health literacy), a knowledge of local and national sources of support and organisational, digital and technical skills.

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