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First council tax rises to support local communities

Midlothian and Western Isles councils have become the first to announce a rise in the council tax since 2007. >

The nine year national freeze on the tax ends this year, following the Scottish Government's removal of the enforced freeze, with local authorities allowed to raise the bill by three per cent without losing Scottish Government funding.

According to Holyrood Magazine, both Midlothian and Western Isles have opted to raise the charge by the full three per cent.

Midlothian council leader, councillor Cath Johnstone said: “Given that we have been able to keep council tax levels frozen for so long, and despite the fact that those on the lowest incomes will be able to get help in meeting the costs, it was not an easy decision to increase charges.  However the additional income will help us maintain community facilities, local services and our support to local groups.”

Edinburgh and Borders council are expected to announce a three per cent rise on Thursday.

Holyrood Magazine: Council tax rises announced by local authorities >


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