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A four-day course for front-line managers in adult health and social care services

Working together not falling apart: Designing, delivering and surviving health and social care integration

A four-day course for front-line managers in adult health and social care services

The course will take place from 10.00 – 16.30 each day, at the University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH89JS. Refreshments will be provided during the day. The dates of the course will be:

Block I:         19th June and 26th June

Block II:        27th September and 11th October


Health and social care integration is a key public service agenda in Scotland. New integrated service Boards have already been established, but the task of making a reality of service integration at the front-line is just beginning.

This innovative course is designed for front-line service managers from across the public and third sectors, who are striving to make a reality of health and social care integration. The course will combine learning inputs together with a structured approach to participants applying these new insights to their own services.  Drawing on the strengths of the Business School and the School of Health in the Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh the course will comprise of two two-day blocks in early summer and early autumn. In between these two blocks, participants will have access to a digital common space where they can access resources, develop a community of practice and share experiences as they develop their own integrated services.

Each day of the course will combine four streams of learning:

  • I - A workshop stream of keynote speakers who will explore the central themes of adult service integration. These will be leading figures from the fields of policy and practice – the speakers for the first two days will be invited by the course leaders, whilst participants will have the opportunity to agree the speakers for the final two days.
  • II - A workshop stream on the principles of service design and opportunity to apply these to your own service, using the service blue-printing approach.
  • III - A workshop stream on evaluating ‘soft’ outcomes that rely on qualitative rather than quantitative measures and indictors and opportunity to apply these to your own service, using the Asset-Based Indicator Framework (ABIF) approach.
  • IV - A workshop stream of techniques and approaches to personal survival in the stressful and often chaotic process of service change and innovation.

Course registration

The course will be limited to a maximum of 25 participants in order to ensure good interaction. There will be no fee payable but course participants (with the support of their managers) must commit to attending all 4 days. The course organisers will also ask to be able to use the experiences of the course participants (in an anonymous form) to develop their own reflections on the process and contingencies of successful public service integration. These experiences will both be fed back to the host organisations (again entirely anonymously and at an aggregate not individual level) with recommendations for future progress in successful service integration, and will be used to develop policy and practice commentary.

Potential participants can register to attend the course at >. When registering both potential participants and their managers will be asked to confirm that they commit to attending all four days of the course. They will also be asked to indicate any access or dietary requirements. Participants should note that the Business School is well served by public transport, but that car parking is limited to on-street metered parking only.

If the course is over-subscribed, participants will be selected to ensure diversity in the cohort, as well as a range of experiences across different levels of experience, service context and service providers.

The course organisers (to whom all queries should be addressed) are:

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