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The Potential of Green, Blue and Wild Spaces in Tackling Health Inequalities

The ALLIANCE today launches our new position paper, The Potential of Green, Blue and Wild Spaces in Tackling Health Inequalities.

Scotland, and indeed Glasgow, whilst suffering from health inequalities which are towards the extreme side of the spectrum in comparison to our European neighbours, actually benefits from some of most amenable open and natural spaces we could wish for.

It is well established that the benefits of taking exercise, and simply spending time in natural environments can be particularly beneficial for people’s health and wellbeing.

It is great to see this getting increased attention, for example through this article published today > by The Guardian which highlights EU research findings on the range of benefits nature based activity can bring, from positive impacts on mental illnesses, to reductions in allergies. The article also explains how such exposure to greenspace across the population holds implications with regard to health inequalities.

This neatly encapsulates the rationale behind our own paper, through which we seek to engage with relevant partners to begin to explore opportunities for us to generate new joint working.

The ultimate aim of this is to engender new responses that can help to realise the potential of Green, Blue and Wild spaces in mitigating health inequalities through reducing negative impacts from social determinants of health (SDH), whilst, importantly, increasing critical engagement with SDH, and the power structures that lie behind these, amongst communities most affected.

Should you be interested in helping take this discussion forward, please contact Chris Gourley or Mark Kelvin at the ALLIANCE 0141 404 0234

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