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Support in Mind raise awareness of Scotland's estimated 150,000 Mental Health Carers

For Carers Week 2017 >, national mental health charity Support in Mind Scotland has launched a new survey and briefing to raise awareness and gather further evidence of the needs of Scotland’s estimated 150,000 mental health carers.

Support in Mind Scotland is working to ensure Mental Health carers have the appropriate rights, recognition and access to advocacy – including by campaigning for a National Mental Health Carers Forum, led by carers, to influence policy and speak directly to policy-makers.

Commenting on the survey launch, Chief Executive Frances Simpson said: 

“It is widely recognised that 1 in 4 of us experience mental health issues each year – but what is perhaps less-known is that there could be up to 150,000 mental health carers in Scotland.

“We have launched this survey to gather further evidence that, although all caring roles can provoke a range of issues and needs that are common to all, those caring for people with mental health problems - and particularly more serious mental illness - experience very specific issues that require specialist information, guidance and support. 

“I hope our ongoing work will help mental health carers have their voice heard – and I look forward to working with our partners in government and beyond to ensure we have recognition, rights and advocacy for carers of people with mental health issues.”

The survey can be completed online by clicking the link here >.

The briefing is available by clicking the link here.


There is no data giving us a definitive total number of mental health carers in Scotland but the Carers Trust (5 key facts about Mental Health Carers, Carers Trust (as Princess Royal Trust for Carers) 2007 >) estimate that around 1 in 40 people is a mental health carer. This paper also tells us that MHCs make up to 25% of the estimated 6 million carers in the UK, with 7% of those carers caring for people with serious mental health conditions such as psychosis, schizophrenia and depression; and 8% caring for people with both mental and physical illness.

More recent data from the Scottish Government estimates > there are almost 800,000 carers in Scotland.

This means that there could be as many as 150,000 MHC in Scotland.


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