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NHS Scotland seeking lived experience of IBD to inform new technologies

NHS Scotland is running a three phase competition to develop new and innovative technologies that will help people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) to monitor and manage their condition by themselves, to enable them to access medical resources when they actually require it.
Through a competitive process five companies have recently been selected for funding. Phase 1 will see them working in collaboration with patient groups, clinicians, GPs, specialist nurses, dieticians and other members of the IBD community to develop their exciting ideas and technologies. It is with this in mind that the project team are seeking the expert input of people with IBD and ther families/ carers to help the companies shape their ideas and innovations as the competition progresses. It is vital that the companies have access to lived experience and perspective. 
Tracey is the project manager leading on this and is looking to set up engagement groups, whereby the companies could have managed access to you either by telephone at agreed times or by email. This may involve talking over the ideas that they have developed and giving your opinions. It is likely that you would only be asked to help with one project and so the commitment is not likely to be onerous.
If you think this is something you could support, Tracey will be able to provide you with further information.  Please email: > for more details

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