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Health and Sport Committee calls for better integration authority engagement

A Scottish Parliament Committee has called for improved involvement of stakeholders by integration authorities.

In a new report titled Are they involving us? Integration Authorities' (IAs) engagement with stakeholders, > the Health and Sport Committee presents the findings of its recent inquiry into the issue.  It found a lack of consistency in stakeholder engagement across IAs, with concerns being aired about it being “tokenistic” and “just communicating decisions that had already been made”.  The Committee concluded that this could be resolved by each IA recruiting a community development staff member.

In oral evidence to the Committee, the ALLIANCE noted that representation on IJBs was “inherently unequal" between statutory services and the third and independent sectors and people who use support and services.

Committee Convener, Neil Findlay MSP, reflected on the importance of ensuring communities understand, support and take part in the delivery process. He urged the Scottish Government to consider how it could best encourage this.

Health and Sport Committee: Are they involving us? Integration Authorities' (IAs) engagement with stakeholders >

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