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A tribute to our colleague Paula Aldin-Scott on behalf of the Cancer Experience panel


A Tribute to Paula Aldin-Scott

Paula joined the Cancer Experience Panel of the Macmillan Transforming Care after treatment programme in 2014 and was quickly appointed at the Chair.  She expertly managed the activities of the Panel and also sat on the project Board where she was not shy of pressing home her points of view.

Sadly, after about two years in the chair, ill-health led her to pass on eth baton.  We were all amazed at Paula’s perseverance and her determination to try as many innovative treatments as she could in pursuit of her goal to overcome her cancers.

It was with great sadness that we heard in the end that she was unable to carry on the fight and had died.  We will miss her.

On behalf of the Cancer Experience panel,

Adrian H Davis
Panel Chairman 

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