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Paula-Aldin Scott A colleague, a friend, a champion for others.

NamePaula Aldin-Scott 1966 - 3 October 2017

The loss of our colleague and friend Paula Aldin-Scott, our Neurological Programme Manager is deeply felt. Deeply felt because of the tremendous impact that Paula made on all of us.

She fought cancer bravely for so long that we came to think she was invincible. But in all  of her ups and downs and physical challenges, her spirit was undefeated.

Paula's commitment to the neurological community and people who had a neurological condition was unswerving. She was meticulous in the production of work plans - possibly the most organised person I know. I think she understood it all so well because of her own personal experience.

She was the epitome of everything we believe in as an organisation -the  person with the long term condition in the driving seat, testing, challenging, researching and fighting.

It is so typical of Paula that when she spent time in the hospice with Islay her dog, she was part of a trial to see how pets could fit in to that environment. Anyone who knows Islay would not be surprised to know Islay passed with flying colours. Another groundbreaking effort by Paula.

But Paula was so liked because of her human qualities - despite everything she was going through, she always thought of others, put the feelings of others first.

For those of us who had the privilege of working with and getting to know Paula she was an inspiration - brave, courageous, with a great sense of humour - a true light in our lives. We can all be thankful that she has left us with beautiful, warm and lasting memories.

Irene Oldfather


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