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 Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 

The full Annual Report 2016 can be read here.

Review of the Year from ALLIANCE programmes

Here is a snap shot review of the year in twitter form, click the link for further information on each programme. 

ALISS (@alissprogramme)
ALISS continues to help people find and share health and wellbeign resources. We've shared lots of learning and exciting changes lie ahead!

Dementia Carer Voices (@DementiaCarerVo) >
Our 'You Can Make a Differnce' campaign gathered 10,000 pledges, further promoting the carers voice and a rights based approach to dementia care

Digital Health and Care (@DHCScot)
Our teams have been working with the Digital Health and Care Institute to support our members innovate and develop new DHC services

European Patients' Academy (EUPATI)
Sharing the learning using the EUPATI. More info can be found at, @eupatients

Scotland's House of Care (@HoCScot)
Scotland's House of Care adopters sites work to make care and and support planning conversations routine for people living with one or more long term conditions

Health and Social Care Academy (@HandSCAcademy)
Using the Five Provocations to inspire transformation of health and social care in Scotland

Getting to know GIRFEC (Getting It Right for Every Child)
The GIRFEC project has held over 20 training events in Scotland this year and has developed new & free resources in line with policy updates

The ALLIANCE Involvement Network (@ALLIANCE_INet)
Our involvement network have been involved in opportunities with the ALLIANCE and partners throughout the year to support our work ensure the voice of lived experience is heard

The ALLIANCE membership continues to grow, bringing together a wide range of people and organisations to ensure the voice of lived experience is heard

My Conditions, My Terms, My Life >
Increased understanding of self management, empowering people and professionals to adopt self management principles in their practice and their personal lives, putting people living with long term conditions in the driving seat

My Skills, My Strengths, My Right to Work >
Engaged with members, stakeholders and employers; to influence policy, to shape support services and improve employers' attitudes towards employing disabled people and people living with long term conditions in Scotland

National Links Worker Programme (LWPmakeslinks)
Person to GP: 'Who is the person you see here that helps you turn your life around?'
GP: 'That'll be one of our Community Links Pracitioners from the National Links Worker Programme'

The team manage the 'Our GP' project which will co-design the future GP digital services with people, based on their needs.

Neurological Programme (@ANP_Scotland)
Ensuring the voices of lived experience and 3rd sector is key to delivering person centred neurological services that are fit for purpose across health and social care

Partnership and Practice Programme (@SelfMgmtScot)
The Self Management Network Scotland has created connections in partnership with our 450 members to learn and share best practice across the country

People Powered Health and Wellbeing (@pphwscot)
Promoting people with lived experience at the heart of service design and delivery, demonstrating the social and economic case, gathering the evidence

Policy and Communications (@ALLIANCEScot)
Strengthening the 2 millione expert voices of people in Scotland who are disabled, live with long term condition or unpaid carer

Prescription for Excellence
Acted as a conduit for the voices of people with lived experience of pharmacy services, promoted as a personal outcomes approach to pharmacies

Self-directed Support
As health and social care integration progresses, we have worked to promote new approaches to improving people's outcomes through the self-directed support agenda

Self Management Fund >
We collaboratively and successfully reviewed, reframed and relaunched our Fund; aiming to Transform Self Management in Scotland; supporting 39 new projects initially. 

Sensory Impairment Strategy 
The network of Sensory Impairment Partnership Leads has been successfully re-established to implement national and local priorities for sensory impairment across Scotland

Third Sector Health and Social Care Support Team (@3rdsecHSC)
Health and Social Care Integration is a complex, wide-ranging and ever-evolving issue, and we have been gathering and sharing information on it as it progresses. 

Transforming Care After Treatment 
Transforming Care After Treatment is increasing the voice of lived experience in cancer services through improving understanding and creating effective partnerships