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  Getting To Know GIRFEC

Getting to Know GIRFEC: what Getting it Right for Every Child means for Children and Young People who are disabled or living with long term conditions



About the Project

Our project is aimed at raising awareness of Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) for disabled children and those living with long term conditions and their parents and carers.

GIRFEC is the Scottish Government’s approach to making Scotland the best place to grow up for all children and young people.  It is about implementing good practice and supporting children’s wellbeing to allow every child and young person to be the very best they can be.  It is important for children and young people as well as their parents and carers to be informed about GIRFEC in order to enable them to use the tools and language of GIRFEC to ensure the best outcome for the child.

We will collate feedback from those who participate in GIRFEC information sessions and provide reports to the Scottish Government on this feedback to help inform GIRFEC guidance and practice, promoting the voice of children and young people and their parents and carers.


Meet the Team 

The Team:

Team Biographies: 

NameRonnie Hill

Ronnie brings 40 years of experience in children’s services , including social work, education and regulation. Positions he has held include, Director of Children’s Services Regulation with the Care Commission, Head of Children’s Services with East Lothian Council and Assistant Director, National Services with CHILDREN1st. A passionate advocate of listening to children, Ronnie firmly believes that GIRFEC holds the promise of helping children, young people and their families have a real say about the nature of the support and services they need. Currently, Ronnie is seconded on a part time basis to the Scottish Government GIRFEC team as their 3rd sector policy implementation advisor.                                                              

 NameSarah Wardrop   

After graduating with a degree in Modern Languages (French & Spanish), Sarah undertook several internships before landing her first permanent role as a web administrator for an independent department store. Her first foray into the Third Sector was with EVOC when she joined as Communications Officer in 2014. Sarah moved to the ALLIANCE as Communications Coordinator in 2016, and currently works with both the Third Sector Health and Social Care Support Team and the Getting to Know GIRFEC Project.

James Cox

James has been in social work since 1984 and qualified in Scotland in 1990. He has worked in various roles in statutory social work since then, primarily in Chidlren and Families practice teams and family based care. He was involved in development and coordination of Family Group Decision Making and Kinship services for Looked After Children in Edinburgh, and in parallel with direct practice was a professional adviser to the SG GIRFEC Team for 4 years, when the policy and practice approach was first developed. From the Summer of 2016 he has been combining coordination of Practice Learning and Development for the Edinburgh University MSW and BSc programmes with the progression of Alliance's (Scottish Government) study on Transitions for Young People with complex additional support needs. The Report is due in March 2017.




What will we be doing to raise awareness?


  •  GIRFEC Information sessions for Children and Young People

These sessions will increase children and young people's understanding of what GIRFEC should mean for them in practice and will help build participants capacity and confidence to use GIRFEC as a tool to help access the support they need.

  •  GIRFEC Information sessions for Parents and Carers

These sessions will be to build awareness of the GIRFEC approach so that parents will be more empowered to access and influence the support their child or young person needs to achieve their desired outcomes.

  • GIRFEC 'Training for Trainers' Workshops

A package has been developed to be used by others working in this field who wish to deliver GIRFEC information sessions themselves. 'Training for Trainers' sessions will be aimed towards third sector organisations working directly with children, young people and parents and towards Community Planning Partnerships.


  • Events arranged through local Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs)
If you are a TSI and would like to organise GIRFEC training, please get in touch.

Current Events Planned



 Thursday 21st September - Getting it Right for Every Child - Information Sharing and Policy Update : book here >

Monday 2nd October - Getting it Right for Every Child - Information Sharing and Policy Update : book here >

Friday 29th September - Getting it Right for Every Child - Information Sharing and Policy Update : book here >

Friday 6th October - Getting it Right for Every Child - Information Sharing and Policy Update : book here >

The Children and Young People (Information Sharing)(Scotland) Bill - Call for Evidence Event - book here >

We would like to invite you to a meeting, to be held on Monday 21st August at ALLIANCE Offices to discuss the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill and associated illustrative draft Code of Practice. As you may know, this Bill has been put forward by the Scottish Government in response to last year’s ruling by the Supreme Court on sharing information connected with the Named Person service.

The meeting on 21st August will start at 10am with a representative from the Scottish Government Getting it right for every child team, who will make a presentation on the Bill and draft Code of Practice and will facilitate a question and answer session.

A light sandwich lunch will be served at 12pm, and from 12.30pm - approximately 2pm the ALLIANCE would like to facilitate a discussion with members/colleagues/parents only to gather our views to generate a response from the ALLIANCE. This session is optional, however we really do value your views so if you can attend please do.

The ALLIANCE may submit evidence to the Education and Skills Committee following this discussion. Representatives from other organisations may find the discussion helpful to forming their own organisation’s response.

Because it is important to gather the views of parents and young people, you are invited to consider asking a parent or young person your organisation supports to accompany you to the meeting.

We apologise for the short notice but we hope that you or someone from your organisation will be able to take part in this discussion session. Please find further information and register your place here >, and contact Sarah Wardrop to let her know if a parent or young person will also take part. Please also advise of any dietary or accessibility requirements prior to the meeting.

If you require any further information about the project, the events, or wish to book a session for your organisation or group then please email

Experiences of Transitions to Adult Years and Adult Services

The ALLIANCE, in Partnership with the Scottish Government, have published a new report: "Experiences of Transitions to Adult Years and Adult Services. >

This qualitative study about transitions to adult years and services was commissioned by Scottish Government and completed by the Health and Social Care Alliance between July 2016 and March 2017. The study is based upon the experience of some 30 individuals and families for whom the transition paths to adult years and services has been impacted by a broad spectrum of complex and interacting disabilities.

Mark McDonald MSP,  Minister for Childcare and Early Years, launched the report on 24 May 2017. In his Forward to the report he said that the Scottish Government will consider in detail how to take forward the report recommendations.

These recommendations cover areas such as:

  • The central place of the national Wellbeing indicators
  • Principles of Good Transitions 3
  • Information for children, young people and families  
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Co-ordination and Point of Contact
  • Structures
  • Planning in Partnership: Family Group Decision Making
  • Resourcing of respite and short breaks 

Ronnie Hill,  Associate Director for Children, Young People and Families at the ALLIANCE has said:

“Supporting disabled children, young people and their families through this period of profound change is a matter of fairness and inclusion. Offering and sustaining the right support to young people and their families throughout this process is about ensuring social justice and upholding people’s rights.

The resilience, creativity and tenacity of families is the bright light in this report as they strive over the years to ensure disabled young people navigate change and reach their potential in adulthood. The report sets out examples of great practice and support which has assisted young people and families through this change. It also highlights tensions, frustrations and dilemmas which need to be resolved.

This is a report about hope. We know that there are practical steps that can be taken by statutory services and third sector partners, working with families, to make improvements to the support offered. The recommendations set out in this report are based on what families and practitioners have told us about what works well and about how improvements can be made.”

Read the report in full here >

Getting to Know GIRFEC Video Series

The five part 'Getting to Know GIRFEC' video series, in British Sign Language (BSL) format, is now available to view online.


We are currently and continually working to add to this. If you have anything to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact us. Similarly if there are any problems with any of the links please let us know as soon as possible.




Core Materials:

Parent and Carer Information Pack

Parent and Carer Information Pack (Word Version)


Adult Easy Read Documents:

PDF Format

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - Child's Plan

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - Lead Professional

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - GIRFEC Overview

Parent and Carer Easy Read Factsheet - Wellbeing


Word Format

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - Child's Plan

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - Lead Professional

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - GIRFEC Overview

Parent and Carer Additional Easy Read Factsheet - Wellbeing


Children and Young People Versions: (same document but changed to the child's perspective)

Chidren and Young People Additional Easy Read Factsheet - Child's Plan


Additional Materials:


The Children and Young People (Information Sharing) Bill - Briefing update

Getting it Right for YOUR Child - An activity designed by the project which encurages participants to think through the aspects of GIRFEC in their own context.

Easy Read Guide to Wellbeing - A document produced by People First and the Health and Social Care Alliance (the ALLIANCE)

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - A guide for Children and Young People. > - A leaflet by Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People which gives more reader friendly information on children's rights and can be used in conjunction with the section including diagram on how the wellbeing wheel matches the convention.

UNCRC: The Foundation of Getting it Right For Every Child > - This report documents the beginning of Getting it Right From Every Child and demonstrates the clear links between GIRFEC and childrens rights.

UNCRC: Report on Children's Views of the UNCRC - This report was produced by the Alliance. Published September 2015.

List of Resources - A list of websites we have found which are in relation to GIRFEC. There is a list of local authority's specific GIRFEC websites if you scroll down.

My Life in Scotland Final Report - A report by Childrens Parliament on helping community planning partnerships to understand and improve the wellbeing of children and young people in their areas

GIRFEC Video > - A short video by the Scottish Government explaining what GIRFEC is and how it will help make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up.

Getting it Right For Ryan > - A video case study by the Scottish Government which follows the story of Ryan and how his Named Person helped him after his mum left.

Angus wellbeing web > - Although the actual resource has been archived this link will take you to a slide explaining the Angus wellbeing web and how to use it.

Getting it Right for Charlie - The written case study on Charlie in picture format.

Children and Young People Talking Mats > - A useful resource for assessing the wellbeing needs of children and young people.

Shaping the Services You Use - A link to For Scotland's Children's website which includes a guide to Parent Participation

Empowered and Effective Decision Making - Capability Scotland and the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) are working together on an action research project made possible by Scottish Government funding to find out what empowers disabled children and young people to make their own decisions.

Getting it right in policy and legislation > - Children's Rights Legislation in Scotland - a quick guide

Guide to Engagement with Families - Participation in Practice - Includes policy background and rationale and practical sections explaining how to engage with stakeholders