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 Macmillan Lymphoedema Project (Scotland)

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The Macmillan Funded Lymphoedema Project for Scotland was hosted by the ALLIANCE came to an end in April 2014.    

“I would like to thank everyone who committed their time, energy and expertise to enabling the success of the project”

Amanda Platt, Project Manager.

Information about the National Project

The project aimed to improve services for people living with primary and secondary, cancer and non-cancer related lymphoedema through the development of resources, informed by people living with lymphoedema, and a National Lymphoedema Plan for Scotland.  The latter was jointly developed with the Scottish Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (SMASAC), Scottish Government.

This project webpage has now migrated and detailed information on the project can now be found at:

Key Documents

  • Top Tips for the Self Management of Lymphoedema are available here
  • NHS Inform information on Lymphoedema.  Read more >
  • Event Report: Developing a Vision and Priorities for Lymphoedema Care in Scotland.  Read more
  • Spring Soiree Report – Developing a Vision and Priorities for Scotland. Read more
  • SMASAC National Recommendations “Achieving Quality and Equity of Lymphoedema Care”. Read more >