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 Self Management

Self management is about people living with long term conditions being in ‘the driving seat’.  It supports people to live their lives better, on their terms.

Self management supports and encourages people living with long term conditions to access information and to develop skills to find out what’s right for their condition and, most importantly, right for them.

Life can be better with self management.  Being told you have a condition for which there may be no cure can be devastating.  Individuals respond in individual ways.  It can often have a profound impact on a person’s well-being and self-esteem.

Together with health professionals and others who provide support, self management can help people to make decisions that are right for their life. 

Self management can mean people being:

  • better informed about their condition(s),
  • better prepared for everyday challenges,
  • better supported when they need it

This year Self Management Week 2017 will run from 2nd - 6th October. This year's theme is 'Celebrating Change'  find out about the ways you can get involved by clicking here

The Self Management Awards 2017 shortlisted nominees have been announced and you can find out who by clicking here. 

The ALLIANCE supports self management in a number of ways including:

  • Working in partnership with our members, NHS, Local Authorities and the Scottish Government to develop and implement policy and good practice – including Gaun Yersel, the Self Management Strategy for Scotland
  • Hosting the Self Management Network Scotland to share experience and best practice through networking events, blog articles and e-mail communications
  • Administering the Self Management Fund for Scotland
  • Leading on the My Condition My Terms My Life > Self Management Awareness Raising Campaign
  • Supporting Scotland’s Self Management Week
  • Read our overview report to find out more about the ALLIANCE's work in shaping the self management landscape in Scotland.

Self Management Stategy

Gaun Yersel’ The Self Management Strategy for Long Term Conditions in Scotland was launched by The ALLIANCE and the Scottish Government in September 2008.

The Self Management Strategy is informed by the lived experiences of people with long term conditions.

The Strategy calls for:

  • People to have more access to high quality information about their condition and its impact on their life.
  • People to have more access to support including peer support. Increased provision of emotional and mental health support for people with long term physical conditions.
  • A change in culture so that people - those receiving and those delivering services - have the confidence and capacity to work together as partners.
  • Better partnerships working by NHS, voluntary sector and local authorities.

Self Management is part of the Person-centred Ambition of the NHS Scotland Quality Strategy.