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 Self Management Fund Projects


Here you can find information on all of the projects that have been funded by the new Self Management Impact Fund. Choose from the A-Z index on the right to browse through them. Examples of previously funded projects can be found in the IMPACT report.

Aberdeen Foyer >

Grant value: £189,531.30

Aberdeen Foyer will work with people to develop and pilot a programme for people living with mental health conditions to support self management and employability.

Action for M.E >

Grant value: £27,749.40

Action for M.E  will train members in storytelling techniques in order to increase awareness and understanding of the condition and to enable members to better communicate with healthcare professionals.

African and Caribbean Network >

Grant value: £14,618

African and Caribbean Network will deliver a community health and wellbeing project aiming to reduce the stigma of mental ill health with the African and Caribbean communities, and provide community focused activities and sessions to encourage good mental health.

Angus Cardiac Group >

Grant value: £86,780

Angus Cardiac Group will develop a new education and exercise programme tailored to people of working age living with cardiac problems.  

Arthritis Care Scotland >

Grant value: £122,826.20


Arthritis Care Scotland will run a self management programme for those living with any long term condition and a chosen family member/carer. 

Aspire2gether >

Grant value: £4,641.95

Aspire2gether will work with people with Blood Borne Viruses to explore how they can be supported to self manage.

Bobath Scotland >

Grant value: £17,360

Bobath Scotland will deliver a project to support young adults with cerebal palsy find out about self management techniques to help them in their lives.  

Bowel Cancer UK >

Grant value: £62,430

Bowel Cancer UK and Penny Brohn Cancer Care will work in partnership to pilot bowel cancer specific Living Well services to 148 people in two locations across Scotland over 2 years.  The Living Well service is a psycho-educational course which provides people living with the long term effects of bowel cancer treatment an opportunity to come together with other patients, share their experiences and concerns, gain support from their peers. It offers a toolkit of techniques to help support physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health, as well as the impact of cancer on financial and relationship issues. 

Breast Cancer Care >

Grant value: £5,000

Breast Cancer Care  will undertake a consultation with those living with breast cancer and Breast Care Nurses in rural areas, to explore ways of enhancing the support and information available in isolated locations.

Bronchiectasis >

Grant value: £2,000

Bronchiectasis will develop an online resource to help people find out information about this condition.

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire >

Grant value: £63,612

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire will establish a library of online interactive training resources delivered for carers in order to support their self management and support given as carers. Training sessions will also be available to view/review online at times that suit.

Carr-Gomm >

Grant value: £210,000


Carr-Gomm will pilot a community navigation project in the Craigmillar area of Edinburgh.

Castlemilk Relaxation Centre >

Grant value: £4,340

Castlemilk Relaxation Centre will research the needs of local carers to uncover what support related to their caring role will improve their quality of life and better support the person they care for.  

Clydeside Action on Asbestos >

Grant value: £155,400

Clydeside Action on Asbestos will to develop a self management toolkit to support people living with asbestosis through periods of exacerbation. The organisation will also work to incorporate self management support into patient pathways and develop good practice guidelines.

Coach House Trust >

Grant value: £20,000

Coach House Trust will formalise their work around Healthy Eating on a Budget in a pilot project for men to emphasise the connection between eating and good self management techniques. They will do this by stimulating interest in produce using their small garden, but encouraging community interaction with shopping and cooking to encourage healthy choices for food preparation.

Community Renewal Ltd >

Grant value: £119,454

Community Renewal Ltd will develop a project in partnership with GAMH to support people with mental health difficulties to develop self management techniques on their employability journey.   The project will involve peer support workers as well as volunteer peer coaches in delivering the project, working with people who have enduring mental health issues as well as employment goals to develop a pathway that supports them to move along this pathway.

COPE Scotland >

Grant value: £80,197.50

COPE Scotland will co-produce a self management pathway of support for people living with long term conditions in a deprived area of Glasgow; Drumchapel.  The support will include existing tools such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction but developed with people with lived experience so that the tools and pathway of support meets their needs to self manage. 

Deaf Connections >

Grant value: £82,575

Deaf Connections will develop an online hard of hearing service for people with acquired hearing loss and test out ways of supporting people who are hard of hearing going forward in their self management.

Deafblind Scotland >

Grant value: £5,000

Deafblind Scotland will consult with members to identify effective self management strategies and to discover gaps in self management support.

Diabetes UK Scotland >

Grant value: £183,122

Diabetes UK Scotland will work with South Asian families living in Glasgow to build a network of peer support and facilitate sustained behaviour change for people from the South Asian community who live with diabetes.  

East Lothian Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group >

Grant value: £30,240.70

East Lothian Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group will run exercise classes for those living stroke, heart and lung disease, diabetes and those at risk of falls. Individuals will benefit from an exercise regime tailored to their specific needs and abilities. 

Eczema Outreach Scotland >

Grant value: £107,511

Eczema Outreach Scotland will work with isolated families affected by severe eczema to research the role of peer support in self management. 

Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health >

Grant value: £165,513

FDAMH will run a social prescribing programme in Falkirk linking those living with long term conditions with the best and most appropriate local support. 

Fife Employment Access Trust >

Grant value: £156,004

Fife Employment Access Trust will deliver a programme of pre-employability work to adults with complex, severe and enduring mental health conditions to increase their confidence and self-esteem through work experience within rural enterprises.  

Glasgow Asthma Support Peers >

Grant value: £4,140

Glasgow Asthma Support Peers will run two events to raise awareness of chronic and severe asthma for people with this condition and professionals working in the field of asthma and promote self management of the condition. 

Grampian Employment Opportunities >

Grant value: £169,252

Grampian Employment Opportunities will develop a peer led information service and a programme of learning opportunities for people with long term conditions.

Haemophilia Scotland >

Grant value: £19,805

Haemophilia Scotland will run a peer support and mentoring scheme for families with someone diagnosed with bleeding disorder.  

Headway Glasgow >

Grant value: £4,950

Headway Glasgow will undertake research with young people who live with an acquired brain injury to investigate their beliefs and attitudes towards self management and the best way to support this age group to self manage.

Heal the Whole of Me CIC >

Grant value: £11,700

Heal the Whole of Me CIC will carry out a scoping exercise to explore and develop models of support for carers of people with an experience of mental health issues in Clackmannanshire and Stirling. 

Health in Mind >

Grant value: £87,708

Health in Mind will deliver a self management project for people experiencing mental health difficulties through a combination of WRAP and individual and community asset mapping.

Healthy n’ Happy Community Development Trust >

Grant value: £108,882

Healthy n’ Happy Community Development Trust will build upon their previous self management project by providing opportunities for peer support and learning support for people with a long term condition and their families/carers.  The project will also raise awareness of self management within Cambuslang and Rutherglen. 

Healthy Valleys >

Grant value: £18,810

Healthy Valleys will provide weekly sessions for young people with mental health conditions to support good self management, peer support and behaviour change.

Highland Third Sector Partnership >

Grant value: £142,067.10

Highland Third Sector Partnership aims to increase the number of people with long term conditions in Highland and Argyll & Bute self-managing by improving access to information and local services. 

Hope Café Lanarkshire >

Grant value: £49,705.50

Hope Café Lanarkshire will develop a project that will support people to come together in a social environment and offer opportunities to try out a range of self management tools through taster workshops and get involved in other activities through the Café. 

Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health >

Grant value: £19,521

Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health will develop a self-management toolkit to support the training and employment aspirations of people with enduring mental health problems. They will work with a group of people with long term mental health conditions, supported by partner organisations, to research and produce the toolkit. The final product will be made available both locally and nationally to be used as part of a mental health self-management programme.

LGBT Health >

Grant value: £82,250

LGBT Health will run a counselling and self management peer support programme for LGBT people living with mental health issues across Scotland.

Moira Anderson Foundation >

Grant value: £17,777

Moira Anderson Foundation want to develop a self management programme to help people manage their long term conditions.  The programme will support people to develop skills and techniques that they can apply in their everyday life.  

Momentum Skills >

Grant value: £78,559

Momentum Skills will provide a programme of peer support for young men with acquired brain injury.

MS Centre Mid Argyll >

Grant value: £201,738


MS Centre Mid Argyll will develop an outreach service for those who could benefit from but cannot access current services. The organisation will also adapt existing services in response to feedback and will work to promote and encourage joint working among community organisations to raise awareness of long term conditions. 

MS Therapy Centre Lothian >

Grant value: £68,922

MS Therapy Centre Lothian 68,922 will establish a community exercise programme including Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates for those living with long term conditions across Lothian. 

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign >

Grant value: £39,751.60

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign will empower young people living with neuromuscular conditions during transition to adult services, to learn more about self management through a combination of meetings workshops and peer support. 

Mydex >

Grant value: £5,000


Mydex will undertake a consultation to find out how young can use personal data for self management in transition to adult services. It will establish how young people store, share, and use their personal data, how they can co-design public services and contribute to more citizen-centred journeys. 

Nari Kallyan Shango >

Grant value: £74,739

Nari Kallyan Shango will develop a self management programme for the South Asian community living with any long term condition in Edinburgh to be delivered within the family setting. The programme will include outreach work in the family home, individual support and workshops.

New Horizons Borders >

Grant value: £131,408

New Horizons Borders will train peer support workers to develop and deliver a self management course. 

No Strings Attached >

Grant value: £58,393

No Strings Attached will run a music self management programme for young carers who live with asthma.  The project will give the young carers a break from their caring responsibilities while learning to manage their condition. 

Now You're Talking >

Grant value: £19,875

Now You're Talking will run WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) courses and WRAP facilitator training for participants who would like to develop their skills. 

Pain Association >

Grant value: £88,900


Pain Association will run self management programmes across Scotland for those living with chronic pain and will establish peer support groups for participants. 

Pain Concern >

Grant value: £95,550

Pain Concern will deliver a self management programme to support people with pain to find ways to interact with healthcare professionals.  


Grant value: £197,778

PAMIS will support family carers to develop skills and knowledge in using technology and investigate whether IT can help families to support their daughter/son with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

PBC Foundation >

Grant value: £8,562.30

PBC Foundation will extend their self management approach with their members by sharing the approach with other organisations where there are cross over symptoms.

Perth Association for Mental Health >

Grant value: £113269.20

Perth Association for Mental Health will develop a recovery college for people with experience of mental illness as well as their family and employers.  The recovery college will deliver peer led education and training programme as a route to recovery.   250 people with experience of mental illness will benefit over the 2 years. 

Pink Ladies 1st >

Grant value: £204,064

Pink Ladies 1st  will develop formal peer support roles to improve the sustainability of their services. The organisation will also develop an employability focused self management course for women living with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.


Grant value: £4,580

PMR-GCA UK will undertake a consultation with people living with the condition and healthcare professionals to uncover what support and information people need to self manage and identify gaps in information and service provision. 

Project Ability >

Grant value: £19,300

Project Ability will pilot a programme aimed at young people living with mental health conditions using creative activities as a tool to manage their health.  

Reach >

Grant value: £169,397.90


Reach will support those from Black and Minority Ethnic communities to better manage their mental health through a combination of 1:1 support, workshops and counselling. 

Revive MS Support >

Grant value: £8,642

Revive MS Support will develop an outreach service in the East End of Glasgow for people affected by MS.

RNIB Scotland >

Grant value: £45,995.25

RNIB Scotland will deliver the You Care - Eye Care project for African people with sight loss and their families/carers to support good self management.  The project  will work to improve the confidence of African people with sight threatening diseases helping them to be engaged partners in the care of their eyes, cope better with change and gain a greater understanding of the support that is available to them within their community and how they can access this.  


Grant value: £99,896

SAMH will develop a new programme of activities, peer support and personal development groupwork sessions  focusing on using creative activities.  

Scottish Healthy Living Centre Alliance >

Grant value: £206,500

Scottish Healthy Living Centre Alliance aims to develop a sustainable community led approach to tackling social isolation for people living with mental health conditions, using local volunteers and services. It will work across and compare different types of communities including urban and rural. 

Scottish Infected Blood Forum >

Grant value: £20,000

Scottish Infected Blood Forum will develop digital stories to share on website and share top tips for self managing. 


Scottish Spina Bifida Association >

Grant value: £5,000

Scottish Spina Bifida Association will research the barriers to skills development and employability for young adults with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus.

Solar Bear >

Grant value: £49,969

Solar Bear will run a theatre project to support young people in transition to achieve better mental health and wellbeing and pursue employability options. 

Speakeasy >

Grant value: £68,240.90


Speakeasy will develop an outreach service to support those living with head and neck cancers across Lanarkshire. The organisations will also develop a volunteer training and development programme to provide sustainable support for those living with these cancers.

Support in Mind Scotland >

Grant value: £189,965

Support in Mind Scotland will pilot a service to support people assessed and treated under the 2003 Mental Health Act and subject to Compulsory Treatment Order.  It will work with people to see if intensive person-centred support can empower and enable people to achieve greater self management and recovery.

The Ayrshire Community Trust >

Grant value: £92,631.17

In partnership with the Healthy Living Enterprise in Ayrshire, the Ayrshire Community Trust will deliver a project to support peer mentors for self management combining their experiences of training and support locally.

The Haven >

Grant value: £82,509.70


The Haven  will build the capacity of their lymphoedema self management course by training staff in other organisations to deliver the programme.

Thistle Foundation >

Grant value: £155,877

Thistle Foundation will deliver a lifestyle management support course for veterans through peer support and person centred approach.   

Visibility >

Grant value: £56,234.50

Visibility will establish peer support groups for adults of working age who have recently been diagnosed with a sensory impairment. Group members will support each other to develop and implement individual approaches to living with their sensory loss.

Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire >

Grant value: £4,100

Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire will undertake a consultation to explore the potential for developing volunteer-led peer support groups to promote and sustain self-management for people with long-term conditions.

Waverley Care >

Grant value: £152,496.40


Waverley Care  will develop the Blood Bourne Virus Self Management Model by training NHS, local authority and third sector staff in 5 health board areas to deliver and embed the model within NHS Boards. 

Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre >

Grant value: £20,000

WRASAC will pilot peer support groups in remote communities in Angus for women living with mental health conditions as a result of domestic and sexual abuse.  

Work4ME >

Grant value: £19,990

Work4Me will establish and deliver a peer support coaching pilot to empower people living with long term conditions to develop their self management approach to enable them to develop a flexible employment model.