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 Self Management Fund

Transforming Self Management in Scotland Fund 

The refreshed Self Management Fund, The Transforming Self Management in Scotland Fund, is currently closed to applications.The Scottish Government has committed £2m annnually for this new three year phase of the Fund to run from April 2016 - March 2019. 

A total of £1,220,782.54 for year one has been allocated of the Transforming Self Management in Scotland Fund to the following organisations (those who had successful applications for 5 years funding have 3 years funding guaranteed). A full list of funded projects can be found here

The Grant Allocation Panel is made up of 13 individuals who work together to assess applications and agree funding allocations are made up of people from the following areas:

  • NHS
  • University of Glasgow
  • Health and Social Care Alliance board members
  • A range of third sector organisations 
  • Digital Health Institute 
  • People with lived experience 

Report from Self Management IMPACT Fund Launched

A report from the Self Management IMPACT Fund, Building on the IMPACT: An interim report from the Self Management IMPACT Fund 2013-2015, has been launched.  The report covers what the Self Management IMPACT Fund has done to date and how.  The report also highlights some emerging themes from the projects to-date as well as providing a list of all of the 95 organisations funded by the Self Management IMPACT Fund. 

A copy of the report can be downloaded here

Hard copies of the report is available on request, please contact our Grants and Impact Officer, Emma Goodlad if you would like a hard copy. 

Self Management IMPACT Fund To Date

The Self Management IMPACT Fund is building upon the learning from the Self Management Fund and provides support to third sector organisations to develop their self management work over the period 2013/14 - 2015/16.  

The IMPACT Fund provides a unique opportunity for third sector organisations and partnerships to develop and strengthen new project ideas that support self management as well as building upon existing approaches. 

The IMPACT Fund has so far supported 95 innovative projects to develop self management approaches across Scotland.  Find out more about the projects here.  

The IMPACT Fund has already demonstrated essential learning about the impact of self management:  

  • Even a small investment delivered using asset based approaches can lead to significant outcomes in terms of quality of life and wellbeing, building capacity within people and communities.  Valuing lived experience and developing meaningful relationships has been core to the way the projects work.  
  • A central feature of all projects has been the involvement of people with long term conditions in the design, delivery and evaluation of the projects.  Learning has also identified that adopting a flexible approach and providing choice and encouraging people to develop aspirations for the future is central to the support many people need.  

The Fund is a key recommendation of 'Gaun Yersel' - The Self Management Strategy for Scotland' published in 2008 in partnership between The ALLIANCE and the Scottish Government.


Learning from the Self Management Fund

During the period from 2009/10 - 2010/11 the Self Management Fund for Scotland invested £4m and supported 81 projects across Scotland.  

The Evaluation Report reviews the background, aims and achievements of the Fund, and has been described as a leading example of how a funder and funded projects can work together to share learning. You can download a copy of the report below:

IMPACT - Evaluation Report Published

Following on from the success of the Self Managment Fund, the Scottish Government granted an additional allocation of £1,756,000 for 2011/12 to support development and partnership opportunities for projects that were supported via the Self Managment Fund. 30 projects received funding to develop their work on Self Management. 

The Development Fund Evaluation Report considers how the aims and objectives of the Self Management Development Fund have been realised, and focuses on the processes involved. 

Download the Interim Development Fund Evaluation Report here

The Focus on Development Report highlights the range of ways that the Self Management Fund projects developed their ideas and approaches – and features some new inspirational Case Studies. 
In order to capture and share the learning from projects funded by the Self Management IMPACT Fund, the Self Management Network Scotland has been launched. Members can be anyone with an interest in self management - including funded projects, people living with a long term condition, their carers and people working in health or social care.  
If you would like any information on any of the different Self Management Funds please contact Kevin Geddes (Director of Development and Improvement)  or Emma Goodlad (Grants and Impact Officer)  or call 0141 404 0231.