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 Transforming Self Management Fund in Scotland Projects

Here you can find information on all of the projects which have been funded by the Transforming Self Management in Scotland Fund. Choose from the A-Z index on the right to browse through them.

Examples of previously funded projects can be found in the IMPACT report. The most recent report Building on the Impact notes the period between 2013-2015.

Aberdeen Foyer >

Type: Development
Value: £775,743.14

Development of their Impact self management project to extend reach across Grampian and influence wider service provision and linking in to integration over 5 Years.

Action for M.E. >

Type: Development
Value: £318,515

Will set up and develop a national peer support network for those living with M.E over 5 Years


Argyll and Isles Coast and Countryside Trust >

Type: Development
Value: £192,716

Will develop and adapt Branching Out groups in different areas across Argyll for people living with mental health conditions over 3 years.

Arthritis Care in Scotland >

Type: Sustainability
Value: £369,563.10

A development of the Joint Potential Project, a referral pathway in integrated services - supporting young people living with arthritis to self manage and be supported to do this by their rheumatologists over 5 years. 

Autism Initiatives >

Type: Development
Value: £116,138

Will work with people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to develop and deliver a bespoke course to support individuals with autism related anxiety over 3 years. 

Ayr United Football Academy >

Type: Development
Value: £26,983

A healthy lifestyle rogramme, encouraging weight loss and physical activity to promote self management over 3 years. 

Bipolar Scotland >

Type: Development
Value: £41,000

Individuals who had taken part in Bipolar Scotland's self management training programme have identifed the need for follow on peer support to be able to get the full benefit from training. They are developing a peer support project which is an extension and follow on from their self management programme. 

Bobath Scotland >

Type: Development
Value: £81,045

Will be running self management groups and consultations with young people, building on previous work, to find out what young people are looking for to allow them to self management throughout the transition to adult services.  Will also create a Cerebral Palsy specific pathway for transitions over 3 years. 

Borders Carers Centre >

Type: Innovation
Value: £98,915

Will develop a self management programme specifically for carers in the Borders over 2 years. 

Community Volunteers Enabling YOU (Covey Befriending) >

Type: Innovation
Value: £15,269

Will test a peer support approach in terms of health and self management benefits for parents of children aged 8 - 25 who are living with long term conditions, over 2 years. 

COPE Scotland >

Type: Sustainability
Value: £317,800

A project focussed on effecting improvement of self management and raising awareness of self management at an individual, organisational and community level so it becomes embedded as an approach in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow, over 5 years.

Dumfries and Galloway LGBT Plus >

Type: Innovation
Value: £151,031

A capacity building project for older LGBT adults locally to self manage over 3 years. 

Grampian Opportunities >

Type: Development
Value: £307,399

Grampian Opportunities are building on previous work they have done in improving access to information, peer support and different approaches to condition management.  They will be bringing in a Link Worker to support individuals to improve access and build on their self management skills. 

Hearing Link >

Type: Innovation
Value: £26,520

Will develop residential programmes for people with hearing loss and their families to develop self management tools over 1 year. 

Highland Third Sector Interface >

Type: Development
Value: £834,822

Highland TSI are further developing their Let's Get on With It Together work across Highland by expanding the network of self management support and education locally and across the region. 

LGBT Health and Wellbeing >

Type: Development
Value: £145,000

LGBT Health and Wellbeing are building on their learning from ttheir work in Edinburgh and expanding and developing their mental health services in Glasgow. 

Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service >

Type: Development
Value: £279,550

Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service will be providing independent advocacy for anyone living with a long term health condition to support them to explore what their options are and how this will support them to self manage. 

Mental Health Foundation >

Type: Development
Value: £212,865

Will develop UCARDs, a prototype designed by young people with long term conditions to reduce the impact of their condition on their mental health and wellbeing over 2.5  years.

Moxie Media CIC >

Type: Innovation
Value: £36,500

Will work with people in Moray to find out what they would be looking for in a  health and wellbeing hub and to begin to implement this, over 1 year.

MS Centre Mid-Argyll >

Type: Development
Value: £567,054.40

Will enhance and develop their outreach support and community development work, linked through technology - developing successful support for people living with long term conditions across Argyll over 5 years. 

Nari Kallyan Shangho >

Type: Development
Value: £171,727

NKS will be building on their previous model of support for members of the South Asian community in Edinburgh to learn about and develop self management skills.  Will be developing their educational courses and will be developing a men only self anagement group as part of this. 

No Strings Attached (Scotland) >

Type: Development
Value: £80,222

An asthma self managment project involving music - a project aimed at developing their young carers stream and looking at technological delivery and support.  3 years. 

North West Recovery Communities >

Type: Development
Value: £23,700

A project to develop mindfulness classes and trainging for people in recovery from addiction to become mindfulness facilitators, over 3 years. 


Outside the Box >

Type: Innovation
Value: £24,643

Will work with older people to discuss mental health conditions and what self management could look like for them. 1 year. 

Pain Concern >

Type: Development
Value: £68,478

Pain Concern will be developing their previous work to overcome barriers to self management in primary care.  They will be developing training for primary care practitioners and a navigator tool which will be available to both practitioners and peoppls living with chronic pain. 

Plantation Productions >

Type: Development
Value: £44,658

Plantation Productionas will be building on their previous pilot work with people with severe and enduring mental health conditions.  They are now moving on to develop a peer support group using creative approaches to share stories and reach out to others. 


Type: Development
Value: £212,519

A self management project covering peer volunteers, partnership working, skills matching exchange, and general promotion of self management. 5 years. 

Realize Your Potential CIC >

Type: Development
Value: £228,996

Will develop and delivery their QUEST programm for young carers and young adult carers to support them in their caring role and develop t heir own self management skills.  Will be rolling the programme out to a number of localities across Scotland.

RNIB Scotland >

Type: Development
Value: £100,128

Development of the You Care, Eye Care programme for Black Africans, to incorporate the wider Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and provide further peer support and volunteering opportunities.  Will also provide more opportunity for people from Africa living with sight loss to have their voice heard and support others. 3 years. 

Scottish Council on Deafness >

Type: Development
Value: £115,000

SCoD will be wrking in partnership with a number of sensory impairment organisataions to Introduce the concept of self management and improving understanding in the  deaf community whose first language is BSL.

Scottish Recovery Network >

Type: Development
Value: £213,900

Will be developing their Write To Receovery work by rolliing out across to different areas of Scotland and developing and running Write to Receovery Groups.  This will provide support to people to use share their stories to improve recovery and their own ability to self management.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland >

Type: Development
Value: £79,844

SBH will be building on their previous Bring IT On work to improve the person centered record to allow it to be easier to use and look at a more holistic view of wellbeing rather than only medical. 

Strathcarron Hospice >

Type: Innovation
Value: £77,561

Will work with people living with terminal long term health conditions and their families to find out what would support them to self manage life with their conditions as they come towards the end of their lives. 2 years. 

Sue Ryder - Dee View Court >

Type: Development
Value: £301,767

Will develop befriending and metnoring programmes for people living with long term neurological conditions and their carers. 3 years. 

Talking Mats >

Type: Development
Value: £36,280

Will be developing a digital version of their Talking Mats tool. 

The Haven >

Type: Development
Value: £81,315

Building on previous lymphoedema course by improving access, taking it to new areas in Lanarkshire.  Working with healthcare practitioners,  providing more info sessions and developing an information resource/tool.

The National Autistic Society >

Type: Development
Value: £271,477.31

Will support people with autistic spectrum disorder in West Lothian to develop support and self management mechanisms to manage transitions into adult services, over 3 years.

Volunteer Development East Lothian (STRiVE) >

Type: Development
Value: £75,600

Development of new and existing Men's Sheds to include health and wellbeing elements including education.