The ALLIANCE are delighted to share the agenda for the annual conference ‘Our Voice, Our Rights, Our Future’, 1 May 2024.

9:00am – Arrivals and networking

10:00am – Conference opens with ALLIANCE AGM

10:15 – Welcome and introductions

  • Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist, Chair @ptupdate

10:20 Keynote speaker: Our Voice – Empowering health and social care

  • Neil Gray, Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery Health and Social Care @neilcgray

10:40 Panel discussion: Our Rights – Shaping a more equitable future for health and social care

  • Professor Dame Anna F Dominiczak @UofGRegiusAnna 
  • Professor Donna Hall CBE @ProfDonnaHal
  • Marianne McCallum Deep End GP 
  • Naina Minhas, Director of Networking Key Services Ltd (NKS)

11: 25 Break

11: 40 Workshops

  • Citizen Assemblies: “Shaping the future of health and social care through inclusive decision making” 
  • Policy, Manifestos and Influencing Government
  • Strengthening global health: Keeping medicine research person-centred  
  • Bad choices or poor options?: Tackling stigma
  • Unmet need and health inequalities: Strengthening our communities through partnership working
  • Networking and Connecting Café 

12: 45 Lunch

13:30 – Workshops:

  • An equitable future: Keeping people at the centre of health and social care  
  • Communication is a human right
  • Navigating the digital divide: Is digital good or bad for you?  
  • Environmentally sustainable care: The effects of climate change on health and social care
  • Measuring What Matters
  • Networking and Connecting Café 

14:35 – Break

14:50 Keynote speaker: Our Future – Providing perspectives and amplifying experiences

  • Rt. Hon Henry McLeish, Chair of the Long Term Care Commission,
  • Sara Redmond, Chief Officer, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland @Redmondkidd

15:40 – Performance by Indepen-dance

16:00 – Close

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