Watch our video case studies and interviews highlighting innovation, good practice and emerging policy within health and social care.

ALLIANCE Live video provides viewers the opportunity to watch and learn from individuals and organisations from across health and social care.

Our in depth interviews seek to inform on the latest in good practice and add clarity around issues currently taking place within the landscape that the ALLIANCE and our members work in. Guests from every area of health and social care are invited to share their perspectives.

With our video case studies we hope to provide a platform for organisations and projects to tell their story; sharing the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their success.

Watch an example of an ALLIANCE Live case study:

You can find the full collection of all of the ALLIANCE Live videos on the ALLIANCE’s YouTube channel.

If you have an idea for an ALLIANCE Live feature or would like more information please contact the team via email or call 0141 404 0231.

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