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But you’re too young for Arthritis

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Arthritis Care Scotland provides a range of support and activities for anyone living with arthritis or related conditions.

Arthritis Care Scotland provides a range of support and activities for anyone living with arthritis or related conditions.  Over the last five years they have run a project called Joint Potential which is specifically for 16-25 year olds. Due to the rarity of the condition in young people, with only around 1 in 1000 diagnosed, it is not well understood and young people can experience feelings of being different and are often bullied.  This can lead to low aspirations for their future.

The Joint Potential project supports young people aged 16-25 with arthritis through self management activity and personal development weekends which give participants the opportunity to meet, talk and have fun with their peers.  Many young people with arthritis feel isolated and without the Joint Potential residential weekends many would not meet another young person with arthritis.

The residential weekends are run by volunteers who are themselves young people with arthritis.  The weekends explore issues of living with arthritis, provide tools that help the young people manage their condition well and are centred on fun activities that challenge participants to see what they can do. The role modelling and peer support is a key aspect of the project, encouraging young people to feel more positive about their arthritis, more self-confident and with increased hopes for the future.

“Joint Potential is an enormous help to feelings of isolation and self-esteem. It helps you feel accepted and cheers you up!”

Find out more about the support available for young people and families on the Arthritis Care Scotland website.

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