In partnership with CivTech, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) launched an innovation challenge.

In partnership with CivTech, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) launched an innovation challenge aimed at exploring how technology could support Citizens Advice advisers in delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients by leveraging data and collective expertise.
This case study focuses on how the challenge winners Wyser, are developing an AI-driven solution that streamlines the case management process for advisers, reducing input time and creating capacity for advisers to assist more people effectively.

The Challenge:

CAS advisers face numerous challenges, including time-consuming case information input, limited capacity, and the need to deliver prompt, accurate advice. CivTech Challenge 7.11 sought innovative solutions to optimize adviser efficiency, improve data quality, and leverage collective expertise to provide the best possible outcomes for clients.

Wyser’s Solution:

Wyser are developing an AI-based solution to support CAS advisers and service users. The technology transcribes discussions between advisers and service users into text. It then generates a summary of each case, assigns an advice code, and automatically pre-populates CAS’s Case Management System. Advisers only need to review the prepopulated text for accuracy and completeness, thereby potentially reducing their administration time by up to 90%.

Benefits and Impact:

By implementing Wyser’s solution, CAS advisers can expect to experience significant benefits. The reduction in time needed for case input allows advisers to assist more clients, increasing overall capacity and improving service delivery. The automated transcription and case summary generation also enhance data quality and completeness, enabling the formation of valuable insights on emergent trends and issues. This data-driven approach improves decision-making and helps advisers provide tailored advice to clients more efficiently.

Addressing a Wider Problem:

The challenge presented is not unique to CAS but reflects a broader issue in the UK and many other countries. With governments reducing safety net provisions, there is a growing demand for expert advice to navigate complex issues. However, falling budgets and limited access to free advice services have resulted in gaps in various areas, including legal aid funding, financial advice, and health inequalities.

Wyser’s Role in Addressing the Challenges:

Wyser’s AI technology will address the funding, productivity, and capacity challenges faced by advisers. By automating tasks such as note-taking, case assessment, and entry, Wyser will increase advisers’ productivity and reduces their administrative burden. For free-to-use advisers, this automation boosts capacity without requiring additional staff. For paid-for advisers, the reduced cost to serve enables them to provide more accessible services if desired.

Wyser and CAS are successfully tackling the challenges faced by CAS advisers through the implementation of Wyser’s AI-driven solution. By streamlining the case management process, Wyser will increase adviser capacity, improve data quality, and enhance decision-making capabilities. The technology not only benefits CAS but also addresses the broader UK-wide problem of limited access to expert advice. With Wyser’s support, advisers can deliver prompt and accurate advice, improving the lives of individuals and communities by bridging the gaps in legal aid, financial advice, and health inequalities.

To find out more about our successful partnership follow this link Challenge 7.11 — Wyser — CivTech Demo Day

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