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Creating change in health services, a Champion experience of Forres FAWN liaison

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Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion Fiona has kindly shared her experiences of involvement in creating change with health services in Forres.

Moray Wellbeing Hub (this link will take you away from our website) are delighted to have someone who has shown commitment and interest in this area and welcome any other Champions interested to get in touch. Local public services need help to shape them for the future and individuals such as Fiona, who use their life experiences, provide an important bridge of information from the community to service design.

Fiona’s Experience

“I got involved with Moray Wellbeing Hub last year after having a breakdown.  I attended a WRAP (Wellness Recovery & resilience Action Plan) course as part of my recovery and from this, I became a Champion.

I was asked by Moray Wellbeing Hub if I would represent the Champions at the next Forres Area Wellness Network (FAWN) meeting, seeing as I lived in Forres.  The Forres Network was set up to represent a variety of groups who covered Health and Social care in the Forres locality.

The meetings are held in the Forres Area Community Trust office and hosted by tsiMoray.  At the first meeting, I attended tsiMoray asked for someone to represent/liaise between FAWN and the Core Project Group who were formed to reshape the Health and Social Care within the Forres locality.  I became the representative and at these meetings, I queried suggestions and asked questions about the various areas that were being discussed, so that the group were aware of thoughts that the general public had, or may have, with the decisions being made.  I also attended the public consultations to find out other concerns the public may have.

The role has been very interesting and rewarding, one that I have enjoyed and has given me a feeling of purpose in my life. It is something that not only affects me but my wider community and if I can help to bring to the attention of the medical professionals the concerns that my community has, then that can only be a good thing.

The role is set to continue as the IJB (Integrated Joint Board) were pleased with the involvement of FAWN and that the voice of the community is heard and involved in the future of Health and Social Care in the Forres locality.”

If you want to know more just get in touch with Moray Wellbeing Hub or have a look at the Moray Health and Social Care (this link will take you away from our website) pages for wider information.

Original article published on Moray Wellbeing Hub website. January 2019


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