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Grow Your Mind

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Grow Your Mind is an innovative approach to supporting people with severe and enduring mental health conditions.

“Grow Your Mind” is an innovative approach to supporting people with severe and enduring mental health conditions improve and sustain their mental health and cognitive functioning to access employment or training opportunities in rural enterprises.

It is a 4 way partnership: Fife Employment Access Trust; (This link will take you away from our website) Falkland Centre for Stewardship; New Caledonian Woodlands and NHS Fife Mental Health Directorate which received funding from the Self Management IMPACT Fund.

The programme is split into 4 phases of six weeks each delivered in a variety of different local landscapes.

Many people have reported an increase in confidence, self esteem, self awareness and social skills. At the end of the first group, two completers of the programme have continued volunteering there from the end of their Grow your Mind course and one other is ongoing at College undertaking a conservation qualification

The project team have learned that while students sometimes aren’t able to complete the whole course at once, it remains highly effective to work flexibly inviting them in to a new or existing group. The challenge of a new social group is often rewarding for them, pushes their comfort zones and improves their confidence.

He now had something to talk to his children about and this had subsequently improved his relationship with them.

They learned that a classroom environment was often challenging for people whereas In a relaxed outdoor setting everyone in the group was able to comfortably participate and reflect upon and identify strategies that aided them in problem solving and processing and retaining information. This aided improving self-awareness, self-esteem, relaxation and self management strategies

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