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“I feel passionate about equality and inclusion”

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The ALLIANCE Humans of Scotland, shares and showcases short stories about the everyday lives of the people we engage with.

“I have always been told, put your life experiences in a book.  So I thought I would start here with the ALLIANCE. I’m Kim Kemp, a Glasgow girl with Muscular Dystrophy, who works for Scottish Huntington’s Association.  I live life to the full and like to have fun and variety in my life in a power chair;  just to spite my MD.

I have worked for charities most of my working life and feel passionate about equality and inclusion.  I am one of the outspoken foot soldiers who speaks out on my and other disabled peoples behalf, yet if I go into a retail outlet, cinema, bank with a friend or carer, I become invisible.  I want to be a “Credible Customer”, I work for my money and wish to spend it on things that I enjoy doing.

I came across the Neatebox Welcome app at the MD Conference, where I got to meet the creator of the app, Gavin Neate, who had worked for 18 years training guide dogs for the blind and saw the problems people with disabilites are facing.

Gavin left his job and using his own funds created this app to highlight and improve what is lacking within customer service towards the disabled community.

It’s an amazing wee app that’s free to users and a modest subscription from industry. It will transform customer services across the board, give staff training on differing (not one size fits all) disabilities.  This has the ability to change lives, break down barriers and get many out of isolation and promote confidence.

As I feel so strongly about this app I have been helping to promote it (not as an employee, but as a user of the app) as I can see the big picture and not just the (door open buttons that dont work and pay lip service to disabled rights and freedoms) way of ticking a box.”

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