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Pink Ladies 1st

Type: Case Study

Pink Ladies 1st is a constituted Voluntary body, working presently in Midlothian with women experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

Pink Ladies Scotland provide motivation workshops and group meetings to empower and enable women to take charge of their lives – giving women a springboard for change.

Pink Ladies Scotland knew when they started that existing information and support available did not meet the needs of women like themselves. They recognised that women needed to be comfortable and have access to on-going support from others who had also experienced stress, anxiety and depression. Receiving £19,280 from the Self Management Fund allowed Pink Ladies Scotland to deliver a series of ten week courses in Midlothian.

It’s great to see people opening up and discussing things, I suffered a few years back from anxiety following the sudden death of my mother and I wish I had Pink Ladies to help me then’ – course participant

‘When we saw the fund advertised we thought – that’s us! Self Management is what we are about – it’s what we’ve been doing for years. We wanted to use our personal experience to pass on tools and techniques to help women to manage better. We take a very person-centred approach, asking women what they themselves want to happen.’ Sheila Peaston, co-founder of Pink Ladies Scotland.

‘Rather than “chew the fat” over the past and go over and over old problems, we spoke about our experiences in a positive way and I found that I could laugh about half of it already’ – course participant

Pink Ladies Scotland promoted their sessions by delivering information to health centres, giving presentations to Mental Health teams and through word of mouth locally. The sessions promote a sense of belonging, taking away the stigma often associated with mental health. Pink Ladies Scotland provide a space where it is alright to talk about it, and give women a choice for their future that does not necessarily involve pills and potions.

‘Pink Ladies have truly impressed me with their genuineness and willingness to 'walk that extra mile' with me, on more than one occasion.  Little by little my faith in myself and other people is being restored’ – course participant

As a relatively small community based organisation, Pink Ladies Scotland have benefitted from a great deal of support from Long Term Conditions Alliance. ‘We’ve met lots of other groups and inspiring people through LTCAS networking events. It’s been great talking to others involved in self management and sharing their enthusiasm. LTCAS have always been extremely approachable as funders, and by encouraging us to speak at conferences and events we feel that we are really part it. Their enthusiasm and support has inspired us to keep going’ Maria Martin, co-founder Pink Ladies Scotland.

‘I began to refer suitable clients of Midlothian substance misuse service and found that they had a remarkable impact on these clients lives’ – Community Psychiatric Nurse

The work of Pink Ladies Scotland has only just begun – they are keen to build upon their success and expand their services across Edinburgh and eventually across Scotland. Future funding is required to enable them to develop their approach, introduce new skills, interests, tools and techniques and be available more for the women they support.

‘Pink Ladies has helped me in so many ways to find the strength and confidence in me to rebuild my life I have learnt that it is ok to be myself and have actually begun to really like the person I am’ – course participant

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