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Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Scotland

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The CarerÕs Mental Health Development Co-ordinator works with any carer who looks after someone who has a mental health problem. They also work with carers around their mental health and well-being.

Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Scotland

The Carer’s Mental Health Development Co-ordinator works with any carer who looks after someone who has a mental health problem.  They also work with carers around their mental health and well-being.

Thanks to Scottish Government funding, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Scotland have developed a Mental Health Toolkit which is available online and can be used by anyone working with young carers.  Available at:,3065,PP.html

Other work includes;

Dealing with Emotions Workshops: October/November 2012

These workshops were delivered to two groups of young carers over the course of two sessions per group. 

Topics covered included:

  • Identifying and labelling emotions
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Developing coping strategies
  • Tips for relaxation and mental health

As a result of this work, the activities developed were circulated to other young carer services within Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance.

We carried out the workshops as set out and found them really useful and appropriate for the topics the group had wanted to work on.  All the young carers participated well and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the workshops.

I can recommend these activities to anyone wanting to engage with young carers about dealing with some situations and emotions.

Employment Recruitment Initiative

This scheme created by the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance and Skills Development Scotland supports young carers in sustainable employment opportunities. Employers who take part in it receive £500 for the first four weeks a young carer works with them and a further £1,000 if the young carer is retained for 13 weeks. It is hoped that the scheme will lead to employment opportunities opening up for young carers throughout Scotland.

Young Carers Festival

The Young Carers Festival is held annually where young people who have a caring role are able to get together and have great fun for a couple of nights without the additional worry or responsibility of the person that they normally care for as they are being cared for by someone else.

2012 festival highlights:

Scotland’s Drug Strategy: Feedback from Young Carers

Focus groups were conducted earlier this year with a selection of young carers from the Strathclyde Region. The purposes of these focus groups were to ask young carers about issues they have to deal with when living with parental substance misuse.

The responses were used as part of a presentation to a national conference on Scotland’s Drug Strategy: The Right Road? A variety of questions were asked in the focus group including “Do you feel comfortable talking about your caring role?”, “Do you think being a carer has made any difference to your life”, “What are the not so good things about being a young carer?”, “What kind of help do you think might help you as a young carer?” and “What sort of issues do you worry about if living with parents with substance abuse?”

80% of the young carers thought that if their school was aware of their situation as a care giver that it would help them, although the other 20% were adamant that they did not want their school to know.  The vast majority of the group also believed that having a break from caring would be beneficial to their situation. These are just but some of the findings from the Scotland’s Drug Strategy carer focus groups.

Scotland is the first country in Europe to devise a Young Carer’s Strategy and this has led to other European Countries visiting Scotland to discuss this with a view to developing their own Strategy. You can view the Young Carer’s Strategy on the link below

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