The values-driven approach of TL Tech aligns with the ALLIANCE, paving the way for a meaningful partnership between the two organisations.

Digital Assistant Director at the ALLIANCE, Chris Mackie, came across TL Tech and their wellbeing voice application, Kindspace, at an industry event earlier this year. The values-driven approach of TL Tech aligns with the ALLIANCE, paving the way for a meaningful partnership between the two organisations. In preparation for an application for funding from Innovate UK for the ALLIANCE’s Democratising Access to Community Services (DACS) project, technology partners are required to make it a reality. TL Tech offers the perfect partnership.

Chris Mackie states, “I realised that TL Tech’s voice technology expertise and values-driven approach could help unlock ALISS’s true potential, making it accessible to a wider audience and providing a more engaging user experience.”

The primary objective of this part of the DACS project is to make ALISS accessible to everyone by leveraging voice technology for an intuitive, efficient, and engaging user experience. Both partners want to create a solution that caters to the needs and preferences of diverse users, requiring a user-centric approach. This is achieved as a result of The ALLIANCE and TL Tech collaborating to incorporate user feedback and insights throughout the development process. This user-led approach enables the creation of ALISS for Alexa – “My Scottish Community”, which is built based on the experiences of potential users.

Another key objective of this project is to enhance accessibility for users with limited digital skills or where physical dexterity is a crucial concern. This challenge is resolved through the integration of voice technology into ALISS, making it easier for users with various skills to access the platform. By providing a conversational and intuitive interface, ALISS for Alexa bridges the gap between the users and the digital content, enhancing accessibility.

The ALISS for Alexa project demonstrates the immense potential of voice technology in revolutionising accessibility and transforming user experiences. By incorporating a values-driven approach and cross-sector collaboration, the ALLIANCE and TL Tech have created a blueprint for leveraging technology to create a positive impact on people’s lives.

This project serves as an inspiration for organisations to re-evaluate their information-sharing methods and strive for genuine accessibility. It showcases the power of technology in fostering meaningful connections and enhancing the wellbeing of people in need. As Chris Mackie reflects, “Our collaboration with TL Tech has not only transformed ALISS, but also opened our eyes to the incredible potential of voice technology in serving the community.”

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