Digital Access and Inclusion

Section: Policy into Practice Date of event: 27/01/2020 at 13:00

Participatory Budgeting Considerations for Participation and Inclusion.

Between 2014-18 participatory budgeting in Scotland has been supported through the Scottish Government’s Community Choices Fund. In 2017 Scottish Government and COSLA signed up to the 1% Mainstream PB Framework Agreement. Under the framework agreement Scottish local authorities agreed to allocate at least 1% of budgets (not including locally raised tax e.g. council tax) through participatory budgeting activity.

As part of the COSLA support to member councils, strategic guidance on working towards the 1% framework agreement will be developed. The guidance will be a valuable resource for elected members and council officers responsible for leading on the delivery of Mainstream PB locally. A central focus of the guidance will be to explore how strategic decision making, decision-making methods and outcomes can be designed to enhance equalities and social inclusion. This will be achieved through the inclusion of specific considerations for inclusive participation within the guidance. This work will be taken forward by the PB Social Inclusion officer at COSLA and developed by working with individuals who face barriers to participation through a series of workshops.

Under current equalities legislation member councils are required to pay due regard to ensuring the inclusion and equality of outcomes for individuals and communities of interest. A focus upon equalities and inclusion during the design of PB acknowledges how participation is experienced differently by different community members. Highlighting considerations for representative and equalities focused participation will inform the design of inclusive participatory budgeting processes.

Recommendations for implementing Mainstream PB across Scotland proposes increasing the profile of deliberative forms of decision making and increasing the use of digital technology to support and facilitate equalities considerations during Mainstream PB activity.

A series of three workshops will be hosted by COSLA and partners in early 2020 in the following thematic areas; Access for All, Communication for All and Digital Accessibility.

Sessions will focus upon how the needs of community members with different or additional needs can be accommodated when developing Mainstream PB strategies and participatory processes more generally.

Jointly hosted with the Democratic Society, the Digital Access and Inclusion session will discuss accessibility of the CONSUL online decision-making platform. The session will also discuss how digital engagement and digital literacy can be enhanced for those at risk of digital exclusion owing to disability, age or health factors.

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