Glasgow is building a “home for compassion”

Section: the ALLIANCE Date of event: 05/12/2019 at 09:30 - 1pm

An event to explore what a compassionate community in Glasgow would look like

The term Compassionate Communities was coined by Allan Kellehear to describe communities which play a much stronger role in the care of people at end of life and their families and carers through illness, dying, death and bereavement. In Scotland, Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, an alliance of organisations and individuals hosted by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care runs the Scottish Compassionate Communities Network

On the 5th of December 2019 the ALLIANCE, working with Elaine Rae, invites you to join us to discuss a compassionate programme approach focused around citizens in Glasgow who face challenging times associated with life-limiting illness, survivorship, dying, death and bereavement.

Its aim will be that Glasgow citizens decide “what works” and reimagine how improvements in well-being can be done differently when local people and self-organised groups take action and make change. Citizens will be supported as “leaders in compassion” and “genuine partners in delivery” of community well-being initiatives and projects.

Our hope is that this proposed programme will encourage civic responsibility from all sections of the city and promote the voice of those who create community solutions and home-grown ways of thriving through difficult times.

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Event details

Location:The ALLIANCE
Time:09:30 - 1pm
Address:349 Bath Street
G2 4AA

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Phone number:0141 404 0231
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