Funded Projects

Ayrshire Children’s Services CIC

Project status: On-going   Location: Ayrshire

Ayrshire Children’s Services CIC were awarded £57,000.00 in June 2021 to run their project for 24 months.

Ayrshire Children’s Services KO-NEKT project is a community based service which gives full autonomy to parents/carers to self manage the support they require, it offers flexible access to care and support when it is needed. The service is tailored around the aspirations of the parents/carers and the hopes, dreams and wishes of the children and young people. KO-NEKT works to support children and young people aged 5-18yrs who have additional support needs (ASN), autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or disabilities. It empowers families to access support when they require it and not when services are available to deliver support, allowing children to be children not service users.