Humans of Scotland

Matt’s story – living with bipolar disorder

"I am a peace-seeker. Everybody should cherish love, hope and peace"

This story is about: Long Term ConditionsMental health

“I first came to Scotland in 2012. I got an offer from a Scottish company for an engineering position. I have bipolar disorder and after a year I had to go to hospital for a month. My contract was terminated. I lost the job. I wanted to stay in this country so I applied for permanent residence, but the Home Office refused because I’d gone back to China for a visit. I’ve had no job since then. I’m using my savings, the small amount I have.

I’ve made a fresh application and I’ll find out the result soon. It’s difficult for me but I’m positive. The Scottish people are welcoming and support me. The only thing I can’t do is work, I can’t do a paid job. I have no earnings.

My first dream is of world peace, my second is I’d like to get back to engineering. I wrote my first poem “blue water, clear sky welcomes sunrise..” Writing means we have a dream, for us to be full of love and peace. I am a peace-seeker. Everybody should cherish love, hope and peace.”