A Concert for Caring

Section: The ALLIANCEPeople and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 5th February 2019

The ALLIANCE is delighted to announce it will be hosting a Concert for Caring on Saturday 6th April at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Following a successful concert to celebrate caring in 2014, the ALLIANCE are hosting a second Concert for Caring in partnership with Regular Music (this link will take you away from our website).

This celebration of caring will take place at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 6th April with Scotland and Glasgow’s very own HIPSWAY joining forces with the mighty Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 to produce what will be a fab fun packed night of music and much dancing.

The aim of the event is to say thank you to the 770,000 unpaid Carers and thousands more – third, independent sector and NHS staff – across Scotland who tirelessly and selflessly support families to take care of loved ones.

The initiative builds on the highly successful campaigning work of the ALLIANCE’s Dementia Carer Voices UK Project Lead Tommy Whitelaw who left working in the music industry to care for his mum Joan. The concert has provided an opportunity to reunite with colleagues and artists Tommy worked with before caring for his mum Joan – with his ambition to bring about culture change in caring settings across the UK.

Tommy told us that: “Having cared for five years for my wonderful mum Joan and having met so many wonderful unpaid family Carers and people who work in health and social care across Scotland, I feel so privileged that former and present colleagues are coming together to support this amazing venture at the Concert Hall.”

Regular Music’s Mark Mackie said: “Regular Music are delighted to be again working with Tom Whitelaw, who in his previous life was a well-respected and loved tour manager, who over the years worked with many world famous bands before quitting music to care for his beloved mother Joan for over five years.”

ALLIANCE Director and former MSP Irene Oldfather commented that: “As a former Carer of 14 years for my Mum, I’m so pleased to be able to join Tommy in celebrating our wonderful Carers from all walks of life. For most unpaid Carers in particular, there is no time off at holidays. This is the ALLIANCE’s way to celebrate their contribution and say thank you. I have no doubt it will reach across Scotland to bring people together from all caring settings that deserve to be recognised.”

Ian Welsh, Chief Executive of the ALLIANCE, said: “Carers put everyone else front and centre and this is a great opportunity to say thanks to them. And to act as an important reminder of our great NHS and independent sector staff who often go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Scotland’s HIPSWAY are headlining the concert. Lead singer Grahame Skinner added: “I’m so happy to be part of the ‘Concert for Caring,’ because I’ve seen first-hand how difficult and demanding it can be. Too often carers go unseen, unpaid and unappreciated. We hope they can have a great night with us and the others on the show.”



Tickets are now on sale for the general public on Ticketmaster (this link will take you away from our website).



For more information please phone 0141 404 0231 or email

For comment or interview requests with Regular Music, HIPSWAY or Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 please contact

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