Our content collaborates with guests from across health and social care to explore lived experience, good practice and emerging policy.

ALLIANCE Live is the ALLIANCE’s digital platform that aims to spotlight emerging issues, examples of good practice and innovation taking place within health and social care. We are delighted that it has been included in a list of the 20 Best Health and Social Care Podcasts curated by Feedspot Podcasters Database. The selection process for this list used criteria including: expertise and credibility, content quality and relevance, longevity and consistency, as well as audience engagement. ALLIANCE Live has been included with other podcasts from across the UK and as far away as Sweden.

ALLIANCE Live was started as a digital way of highlighting examples of good practice, innovation and emerging issues within health and social care across Scotland. Guests are invited, through either a video or podcast format, to use the power of story to bring their work or lived experience to life, describing the success and challenges that come with improving our health and wellbeing including living well with a long-term condition or disability.

ALLIANCE Live adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic to highlight evolving policies and recovery efforts of the Scottish Government. Post pandemic it continues to grow and covers a wide spectrum of topics, including courageous leadership in healthcare, human rights, women’s health, and self-management.

To broaden its reach and impact, ALLIANCE Live has expanded through a podcast partnership with healthandcare.scot, an e-news organisation. The podcast, called Equally Valued combines the extensive networks of the ALLIANCE with the journalistic expertise of healthandcare.scot to deliver insights into pressing issues within the health and care landscape.

The ALLIANCE Live podcast can be listened to on all major podcast streaming websites including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

If you have an idea for an ALLIANCE Live feature or would like more information please contact the team via email live@alliance-scotland.org.uk or call 0141 404 0231.

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