Catch up on the various videos and podcasts that have been released throughout June as part of ALLIANCE Live.

‘Rights, Wellbeing, Fairness’ ALLIANCE manifesto for the UK general election
Chief Officer, Sara Redmond provides on overview to the organisation’s manifesto for the 2024 UK General Election, “Rights. Wellbeing. Fairness.” A BSL summary of the manifesto is also available.

‘Our Voice, Our Rights, Our Future’ ALLIANCE Annual Conference Impact Visit series

The ALLIANCE’s membership of over 3500 individuals and organisations represents a diverse cross section of health and social care in Scotland. Many working from the third sector are delivering tremendous impact to the individuals and communities with whom they work for. As part of the ‘Our Voice, Our Rights, Our Future’ ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2024, we visited 4 such organisations to highlight that delivery towards the future change is going on all around us.

From Edinburgh to Stornoway, witness firsthand the transformative work being done by organisations like MacCaulay College, Long Term Conditions Hebrides (LTCH), Networking Key Services (NKS) and Affa Sair. Through interviews and on-site footage, delve into the challenges faced and the remarkable solutions implemented to foster change and improve lives. Join us as we explore the power of community, resilience, and innovation in shaping a brighter future for individuals and communities across Scotland.
MacCaulay College
Long Term Conditions Hebrides
Networking Key Services
Affa Sair

Stories of Caring (A Concert for Caring)
Last September, the ALLIANCE hosted our Concert for Caring as an opportunity to celebrate the immeasurable work of unpaid carers and the contributions of health and social care staff, as well as third-sector organisations that support people to lead fulfilling lives. We brought together 1750 people from across Scotland, providing a space for shared experiences and connections. Our second, and final, film provides a glimpse into the lives of the people who attended and their stories of love, caring, and being cared for. The first film, launched in January 2024, looks back at the fantastic moments of Concert for Caring 2023.

Being Human in Scotland: The Ambitions in Action
Explore the Health ands Social Care Academy’s Five Ambitions to drive meaningful change. This video delves into the SQA accredited Reach Advocacy Practice Award, a rigorous three-month programme designed to enhance understanding of human rights and advocacy. Learn how REACH Advocacy supports a culture centred on human rights, providing essential education and training. This case study sets out to showcase the Ambition, Be Human: We are all human and should be treated with dignity. Everyone can thrive if our rights are protected, defended, and promoted.

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