Catch up on the various videos and podcasts that have been released throughout March as part of ALLIANCE Live.

ALLIANCE Annual Report 2023
The ALLIANCE is pleased to be able to present the 2023 annual report, which gives an overview of the progress and growth achieved by our programmes this year. This short video promotes some of the key moments from this past year of activity. We welcome you to read our annual report and look forward to another impactful year in 2024.

Equally Valued Episode 9 – Coming Home Commitments: Individuals waiting for delivery of rights
Host Esme Pringle delves into Scotland’s efforts to fulfil its human rights obligations for individuals with learning disabilities.

With the deadline for the Scottish Government’s Coming Home commitments approaching, we’ll assess progress and looming challenges. From the Scottish Mental Health Law Review to proposed legislation like the Learning Disability, Autism, and Neurodiversity Bill, and a new Human Rights Bill for Scotland, there’s much ground to cover.

Mythbusting women’s heart health – Webinar recording
Heart disease is a major cause of ill health and death for women in Scotland, and certain risk factors may have more of an impact on women’s risk of heart disease than men’s. Despite this, the awareness of women’s experience of heart conditions is limited and heart disease in women is not commonly represented.

This webinar explores the subject by busting some myths about heart disease and its impact on women, and provide some clear advice that will help people to be more aware of their heart health throughout their life.

Lead Courageously with Anna Fowlie, CEO of SCVO
‘Lead Courageously’ is one of the Health and Social Care Academy’s Five Ambitions for the Future of Health and Care.

In this ALLIANCE Live podcast, we spoke to Anna Fowlie, CEO of SCVO, about what it means to lead courageously from within the third sector, whilst exploring the ways in which systems can better accommodate courageous, compassionate and collective approaches to leadership.

Scottish Gambling Harm Lived Experience Forum Introduction
Members of the Scottish Gambling Harm Lived Experience Forum explain what the Forum means to them, how do they contribute to making a change through the Forum and why would they recommend joining.

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