The ALLIANCE has responded to the Scottish Government's consultation on the Good Food Nation Plan and Specified Functions.

The ALLIANCE welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Good Food Nation Plan and Specified Functions.

As a member of the Scottish Food Coalition (SFC), the ALLIANCE believes that keeping food as a key policy concern is important if Scotland is to counter injustice and inequality in our current food system.

We welcome the Plan overall, especially it’s emphasis on human rights and dignity. However, we support calls from our SFC colleagues for improvements to the proposals made by the Scottish Government.

We recognise the work the Scottish Government has taken to develop the targets proposed. For the targets to not only contribute but fulfill the vision of the kind of Scottish food system we would like to see, more specific detail is required on each target as they currently appear quite broad.

Among others, we recommend the inclusion of indicators for targets focused on health inequalities that are linked to the social and commercial determinants of health.

Moreover, we note that there is limited mention within the proposed targets and indicators of health and social care and its linkages to food and the right to food.

We believe that the Good Food Nation Plan should reflect the United Nations framework on the right to food. Food in Scotland should be:

  • Available
  • Accessible (physically and economically)
  • Adequate
  • Sustainable

Everyone should have access to high quality food, as a human right. It is essential that people’s equitable access to food, human rights, intersectionality and opportunity for co-production is considered and embedded as part of the design and implementation of policy across Scotland.

You can read more of our response in the link below.

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