Brexit – What Matters to You?

Section: Engagement in EuropePeople and NetworksThe ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 9th October 2018

Read the report from the ALLIANCE's series of Town Hall Conversations seeking local views on the potential impact of Brexit.

Following a series of discussions with local communities in the first half of 2018, the ALLIANCE has published its findings from its ‘Brexit – What Matters to You?’ consultation.

When asked ‘What Matters to You?’ attendees at these conversations raised a vast array of subjects, which have been collated into the following five broad categories:

  • Health and Social Care;
  • Rights and Regulation;
  • Finance and Funding;
  • Identity;
  • And Young People.

Within these discussions, people shared their concerns about the future of the health and social care workforce and access to medicines.

People were adamant that employment rights, the right to remain, children’s rights and environmental rights must be protected following Brexit.

People were worried about ‘the basics’ and their own personal finances – but also concerned about the impact of a loss of European funding at a national level.

People discussed the difficulties they may face maintaining their Scottish and European identities going forward, the importance of language, and the potential impact of Brexit on devolution in Scotland.

And people were anxious that young people and the education sector may be disproportionately affected by Brexit, stressing the importance of ongoing youth engagement.

Beyond these discussion points, many common themes emerged, including:

  • Uncertainty;
  • Trust and Transparency;
  • And Accessibility of Information.

Uncertainty, in particular, was raised as a key concern at each Town Hall Conversation. People felt frustrated and overwhelmingly agreed that, to address this lack of certainty, public figures and organisations in Scotland have to do more to rebuild trust and offer a range of accessible information that is clear, relatable and understandable.

The publication is available to download below:

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