Building our future – NHS Health Scotland’s contribution to public health in Scotland

Type: News Item Date Published: 11th November 2019
Illustration of a plant growing from a small seed in to a flowering plant.

New report highlights 17 years of learning on how to address the state of the nation's health.

David Crichton, NHS Health Scotland Chair, expresses NHS Health Scotland’s contribution to public health is wide-ranging and far-reaching. The report is an account of its strategic development as an organisation, and an account of some of its work in three key areas – alcohol, place and early years, which are of course three of Scotland’s new public health priorities.

It is not an exhaustive account of NHS Health Scotland’s work and the report does not include achievements in, for example, smoke-free public places, mental health or good work. However by focusing on a small number of examples, the hope is to show what it takes to build the evidence, design the policies and practice, and develop the relationships needed for a national public health agency to contribute to a fairer, healthier Scotland.

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