Call for Workshop Proposals: Summit on Gambling Harms

Type: News Item Date Published: 20th July 2021

Invitation for workshop proposals which explore what we know about gambling harms, what we'd like to know, what works, and what could work.

Glasgow City Council, supported by Public Health Scotland and the UK Gambling Commission, will hold a virtual summit to bring together people with lived experience of gambling harms with experts in practice, research and policy to share knowledge, insights and ideas on tackling gambling harms in a world adapting to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms (this link will take you away from our website) as its focus, the Summit will seek to highlight the essential work that will be necessary locally and nationally as we rebuild systems and services after the pandemic COVID-19. It will serve as a jumping off point to discuss the future challenges as we envisage as we seek to develop the public health response to this public health harm.

The Summit Organising Committee are also hopeful that these workshops will provide an opportunity for organisations and groups to showcase their own work and to develop wider relationships with others who have a shared interest in addressing gambling harms.


The Summit workshops

The Summit Organising Committee is now inviting proposals for the workshop program as part of the Summit.

The workshops are part of the main Summit and will focus on one of two themes. We encourage proposers to focus directly on these themes:

  • Beyond restating the problem           Day 1 (13th September)

These are timetabled as 1 hour workshops offering the chance for those working in priority harm areas (e.g. Justice, suicide prevention, mental health, financial inclusion / poverty, women and gambling, children and young people, amongst others) to explore issues such as: what do we know about harms; what would we like to know; how might we find things out; or what are the gaps?

  • What works, what could work?          Day 2 (14th September)

These are timetabled as 1 hour workshops looking at the main themes of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms: prevention; education; treatment; and support and explore essential actions relating to: policy formation; collaboration; regulation and oversight; evaluation; and research and data. Two hours has been set aside for this session, allowing workshops to be run twice. The objective of these workshops is to stimulate discussion that articulates the policy challenges across the whole system; supports the exchange practical ideas, insights and knowledge that support public health approaches to tackling gambling harms; and outlining practical steps for collective action.

For both workshop sessions, the active participation of people with lived experience of gambling related harms will be is key. Workshop proposers are encouraged to show how they will promote such participation, bearing in mind that some people with lived experience may need to be supported so that they are not re-living harmful past experiences.

Proposers need to bear in mind that these workshops will be undertaken on the MS Teams platform and the proposed approach need to accommodate the limitations of this technology. Ensuring participant accessibility may therefore be an issue. Further advice on this is being explored and will be shared with the organisers of selected workshops.

To inform the final communique from the Summit, each workshop will be required to provide a brief outline of the key points that were discussed. It would also be helpful if organisers were prepared to share presentations or material used during the workshop so that these can be made available more widely later. However, workshops will not be recorded and if organisations or groups running workshop wish to capture a fuller record of discussions, they will need to make their own arrangements to capture a written record.


Submitting a workshop proposal

The Summit Organising Committee request that workshop proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file. Files should be submitted by email – with the subject line clearly marked as “Workshop Proposal” – to .

The proposal needs to set out the:

  • title of the workshop;
  • theme under which the workshop is proposed (Day 1 theme or Day 2 theme);
  • organisation proposing the workshop;
  • proposed workshop leaders / facilitators;
  • aims of the workshop;
  • any specific MS Teams requirements (e.g. availability of chat, capacity to present sides or video); and
  • any specific areas of support which may need further discussion.

The workshop call is now open. The timetable associated receiving and selecting workshops is:

August 13th             Deadline for workshop proposals submitted

August 20th             Confirmation of workshop acceptance

September 3rd         Workshop organisers confirm final MS Teams requirements

For any queries regarding this call, please contact:


Further Meeting Opportunities – The Summit Fringe

Alongside the formal Summit, the Summit Organising Committee are encouraging meeting opportunities before and after the formal sessions: the Summit Fringe.

Workshops proposed for the Summit which are not selected for inclusion in the formal programme will be offered the opportunity to participate within the Summit Fringe. Please refer to the separate call relating to these meetings.

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