Carer Voices call out for case studies

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 22nd January 2020

Have you and/or has your organisation got a story to tell following engagement with Carer Voices?

The evidence base for person-centred care continues to grow, demonstrating a positive impact on people, the health and social care system and its professionals.  Active listening and shared decision making centred on what matters to people has been known to lead to more realistic expectations and a better match between individuals’ values and those delivering care.

With this message about the importance of kindness at the heart of its project, Carer Voices has engaged with over 200,000 people comprising of health and social care professionals, students and unpaid carers.

Building upon this work, Carer Voices is now looking for case studies with an aim to highlight good work that is taking place across Scotland and provide further inspiration to other health and social care professionals.

In these case studies, the project are generally seeking to attribute a positive change that has taken place due to engagement with Carer Voices and highlight the work of colleagues across all areas of health and social care and the value of partnership working.  These case studies intend to demonstrate the impact often relatively small changes can make.

To get involved download the case study pack, sharing your story, thinking about what worked well and what difference did it make to the people you engage with.  A photo attached to reflect the case study would be welcome.

For more information or to summit your case study please email

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