Co-designing the new Social Security Charter

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 1st October 2018
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The ALLIANCE briefs MSPs on how co-design can be central to the development of Social Security Scotland.

Ahead of a Scottish Government debate on the new Social Security Charter, the ALLIANCE has briefed MSPs calling for robust systems of redress and support to be laid out for people accessing the new entitlements.

As it develops a new charter for social security, the Scottish Government has called a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the issue. The ALLIANCE has also made the following recommendations:

  • Scottish Government should broaden their engagement on the Charter, with particular emphasis placed on involving seldom heard groups and the Third Sector agencies that support/work with them.
  • Scottish Parliament endorse extending the time period for developing the Charter – if required – to ensure the process is led by people’s free, meaningful, active and informed participation and not overly driven by time constraints.
  • The Charter should contain specific, measurable outcomes and indicators against which progress can be independently assessed.
  • Restating Ministerial commitments on the assessment process in the new Charter will help ensure it is the “clear, plain English statement of what people are entitled to expect from the new system”.
  • Scottish Government should seek further advice from third sector organisations, coordinated by the Scottish Union for Supported Employment (SUSE) (this link will take you away from our website), to ensure a diverse social security workforce.

The debate will be held in the Scottish Parliament on the afternoon of 2 October 2018.

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