Contribute to the Humans of Scotland Brexit series

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 8th June 2021

The ALLIANCE is seeking to reflect the lives and experiences of people who have been granted status to remain in Scotland.

At the start of this month, the Scottish Government reported that over 240,000 EU citizens are able to stay in Scotland (this link will take you away from our website). With the deadline for applications falling on the 30th June there are calls for this to be extended and for the five year residency stipulation for settled status to be removed. As the processes resulting from Brexit continue, we want to reflect on the lives and experiences of EU citizens in Scotland. We are looking to speak to disabled people, people with long term conditions, unpaid carers and health and social care staff across the country.

We are launching our Humans of Scotland Brexit series to capture these experiences at an important moment in history. People who have had to go through the process of applying to remain in Scotland bring so much to our society, culture and also to Scotland’s workforce. They are our friends, colleagues and family. It is important that their voices are heard.

Our Humans of Scotland series shares stories to foster understanding, challenge misconceptions and spark debate. We have shared stories on a breadth of experiences and have built up a rich collection of pieces from across Scotland. It is important to us to highlight the experiences of disabled people, people with long term conditions and unpaid carers. In addition, sharing experiences of those who provide support and services in health and social care puts a spotlight on the crucial work being done that must be valued. EU citizens are a part of the fabric of our communities and of our lives, and the Humans of Scotland Brexit series will reflect that.

If you would like to take part in the series and share your story or would like further information email and we will get in touch with you to take you through the next steps.

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