COVID-19 Trusted Attribute Exchange

Section: DigitalType: News Item Date Published: 17th September 2020

The Digital Health and Care Institute would like to interview people for a research project about accessing services relevant to COVID-19.

The Digital Health and Care Institute is one of Scotland’s innovation centres and a key partner of the ALLIANCE. The COVID-19 Trusted Attribute Exchange project seeks to explore people’s experience of accessing services relevant to COVID-19 as well as their opinions of a trusted attribute exchange service.

Please consider volunteering for an interview if you have had a positive test for COVID-19 or if you believe you had COVID-19 before testing was available. The researchers are interested in your experience of accessing any services (e.g. from the local authority) or other help you needed (e.g. from extended family or friends).

Your insights and experience provided during the interview will be used to inform a future government service to ensure it meets the actual needs of people living in Scotland. The interview findings will be used by the Digital Health and Care Institute and the Scottish Government to create a new digital service for seamlessly sharing people’s circumstances and attributes (such as having COVID-19) with relevant organisations.

The research outcome will be a new digital service that can be used to demonstrate what such a future service might be like in reality. It is important that the opinions and real-life experience of people living in Scotland are used to drive the development of new services such as this and so your help is much needed.

The interview would last approximately 1 hour and would be held over a video call link provided by the researchers. You would need access to a computer, tablet or phone and an Internet connection. The research project is being done on behalf of the Scottish Government and has undergone research ethics appraisal.

If you can volunteer for interview then please contact Dr Jay Bradley at To find out more about the project please see the Participant Information Sheet.

To see more of the research team’s projects: (this link will take you away from our website). To find out more about the Digital Health and Care Institute: (this link will take you away from our website).

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