Developing a framework for Community Health and Social Care Integrated Services

Section: Health and Social Care IntegrationMembershipPolicy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 7th October 2019

The ALLIANCE's staff and network respond to the Scottish Government's draft framework for Community Health and Social Care Services.

David Rowland, Professional Adviser for Integration, Scottish Government, led a series of consultations hosted by the ALLIANCE, detailing the Scottish Government’s draft framework for Community Health and Social Care Integrated Services, while also facilitating discussion about the proposed framework.

The ALLIANCE hosted a discussion session on 30 July 2019 for ALLIANCE staff, as well as a discussion session for ALLIANCE members on 27 August 2019.  David Rowland outlined the draft framework, shared an integration story (Mary’s Story), and fielded questions from delegates.  Delegates who attended the 27 August 2019 event also participated in guided discussion.  Facilitators from each table then provided a synopsis of the key themes of their table.

Additionally, an ALLIANCE Live webinar on the draft framework was held on 19th August to enable ALLIANCE members who were unable to attend the discussion session to provide feedback and ask questions.

While this report was written with the intention of helping to apprise Mr. Rowland of ALLIANCE network feedback, the ALLIANCE has chosen to publish this in in order to provide transparency to the network and public regarding how their feedback was captured.

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