The Discover Digital project will bring digital health to communities and organisations across Scotland.

Discover Digital aims to raise awareness of digital tools and resources that can support health and wellbeing.

The launch of the free Roadshows and Workshops is an exciting new step for the project.  

The Roadshows

If you are hosting a community event, the Roadshows can bring along free and easy to use digital tools and resources.

This could include showing your community self management apps or signposting to trusted online information. The Roadshows will be a fun and interactive way to learn more about what digital can do for your health and wellbeing.

Discover Digital Roadshow. Two phones and a tablet including the ALLIANCE logo.

The Workshops 

With our training, we can offer your organisation an introduction to what digital health and wellbeing means and how to access it. The sessions would be online or in person.

The training will be based on our Discover Digital Guide and could be tailored depending on your organisation’s needs.

Learning more about the possibilities of digital health can help you to better support your members.

Graphic of laptop with different elements including WI-FI folder, signpost, person and microphone.

Interested in these opportunities?

Why not have the Roadshow visit your community event.

Or book training for your organisation.

Find out more or book at or 0141 404 0231.

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