Read the ALLIANCE’s new report now, which reflects on the themes and learning from our Engagement Insights series.

The report looks at engagement, some do’s and don’ts and its future. We hope that the learning from Engagement Insights will be a good starting point for discussions and debates on how third sector and public organisations can improve their engagement practices.

It recommends addressing power imbalances, giving people time to engage, considering accessibility and inclusivity, learning from engagement activities, taking into account the ethics of involving people with lived experience and carefully recognising and compensating people for their contributions.

It warns against making assumptions, being unclear about why you are engaging, relying on the same engagement methods and forgetting feedback.

Engagement is a continuous process, and we must all ask ourselves how we can continue to challenge power, create relationships with seldom heard groups and promote meaningful and non-tokenistic engagement.

The report is informed by four events, organised in partnership between the Integration Support team and the Health and Social Care Academy, which examined the following areas of interest:

  • What is Engagement?
  • Engagement: What Works and What Doesn’t?
  • Power and Engagement
  • Diversity, Equality and Engagement

We would like to thank everyone who supported these events. Thanks to all the speakers, attendees and to everyone who wrote an opinion piece for the report. It was a collaborative effort, as the report itself promotes.

Read the full report below.

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