Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy – what’s your view?

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 28th August 2019

The ALLIANCE has published our draft response to the Scottish Government's Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy.

Falls and their after-effects have a harmful impact on people’s health and wellbeing, and frequently on their ability to live independently in their own home. We know that many of our members work with older people and we would like to hear your views on the development of the Government’s Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy.

In our draft response we have highlighted:

  • Welcome commitments to integrated working between IJBs, local authorities, CCPS, the third sector, and people with lived experience
  • A disappointing lack of reference to people’s human rights in the draft Strategy.
  • Concerns about the reach and likelihood of success, and particularly the connections between the commitments and the outcomes.
  • That more reference to access, participation and inclusive communication is required.

If you would like to share your views on our draft response, or on the Strategy itself, please contact Hannah Tweed, Senior Policy Officer on or before Monday 23 September 2019 at the ALLIANCE on 0141 404 0231 or by email at:

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