Glasgow City HSCP Improvement Sessions

Section: People and NetworksThe ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 30th May 2019

Following earlier sessions in March, Dementia Carer Voices will be partnering with Glasgow City HSCP again on their upcoming induction days.

Our Project Lead Tommy Whitelaw is set to take part in 14 staff induction days throughout May, June, July and August.

Up to 48 staff members will attend each induction, with a potential outreach of over 600 people in total. Delivering these improvement sessions within Glasgow City HSCP’s induction days should support new Care at Home staff to begin their careers with the foundations of compassionate care, taking into account the principles of ‘What Matters to You?’ and intelligent kindness.

We will be holding a special session with staff on the 6th June to celebrate ‘What Matters to You?’ Day (this link will take you away from our website). We will be joined by Diane Graham (Improvement Advisor for Person Centred Care) on the day, who will help us launch the partnership’s new pledge tree at their learning centre.

Feedback from our sessions in March was incredibly positive. 271 staff returned evaluations with 91% of respondents calling the session very good. A majority of those in attendance saw the session as ‘informative,’ ‘helpful,’ and ‘well presented.’ 84% strongly agreed that the improvement session would have a positive impact on their work and 85% said they would recommend it to a colleague.

Staff pledged to:

  • ‘Listen to people more.’
  • ‘Try not to interrupt too quickly.’
  • ‘Ask what matters to you.’
  • ‘Be more attentive and understanding.’
  • ‘Realise everyone we care for is someone’s mum, dad, husband, wife or son.’
  • ‘And always show kindness and respect, even if you aren’t having a good day.’

More time, training, engagement and staff support were highlighted as key to turning these good intentions into actions.

We’re really excited to continue our partnership work with Glasgow City HSCP, instilling the importance of kindness, care and compassion within staff from their first day in their new roles. We look forward to publishing a partnership report evaluating our ongoing work together later in the year.

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